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So Week 3 started today…my body aches just a little more each day, the fog is not lifting (which I really thought it would), and my face hurts beyond words.


It doesn’t help that I had to go to the dentist for a Crown preparation so last night was spent with some frozen vegetables attached to my cheek.

And I’ve hit exhaustion – I think I have over-loaded myself with the Thunderclap campaigning (nagging), blogging every day, reminding contributors for the next issue of LIVING WELL with FIBROMYALGIA, tweeting, my shop and my FB page – it’ll all quiet down after May 12th but right now, I keep getting anxious that I’ve forgotten something to do. spireI’m also trying to get ‘them’ to light a spire (that we have in Melbourne) in PURPLE for May 12th (looking forward to a night-time picnic with Thais (did I tell you she’s back?) under the spire – anyone else coming? You can help by emailing the appropriate people)

I’m also trying for Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House but I think I’ve left that one too late! (If you want to help with this one: tweet to @VividLive  Niagara Falls will B PURPLE from 10:15-10:30PM EST on May 12 for #Fibromyalgia Awareness: can we light up the Bridge & Opera House?

sydney opera house Sydney_Harbour_Bridge01

So I haven’t had a chance to FEEL anything. I just want to rest BUT I don’t feel I can as this is the lead-up to Awareness Day (I can rest afterwards, right?).

I try not to nap during the day (no matter how bad it gets) but today, I fell asleep for 4 hours.

My body just wants to stop – but, as you can see, I have no idea if it’s medication related or just life!

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  1. Kirstin Walden Crockford

    You are doing a wonderful job of bring the up-coming day to everyone’s attention. I can only imagine what you are going through hun, and to be honest I don’t know how you are keeping going! So, from one firbomite to another, I’m sending gentle hugs & positive thoughts all the way from the UK x I can’t wait to see Niagara LOL

  2. Annemarie Viljoen

    Good morning from South Africa
    I admire the way you are determined to spread the message. Thank you. I pass your messages and images on hopefully that can contribute a little to spreading awareness.

    I have one question, please forgive me if you’ve answered this before. Why are you reducing/giving up Lyrica? Is it the fogginess that comes with it? I am struggling to find a balance between pain control and relative (emphasis on ‘relative’) alertness, but have found that when the Lyrica is reduced, the pain increase is significant; which also makes work nearly impossible. ( I am a trainer, and had to reduce the days I work dramatically as the pain “interferes” with my functioning). But with high dosage of Lyrica, my thought processes are sluggish, to say the least.
    With the help of my doctor we are trying to find the right dosages and combinations of medications to allow me to operate maximally. It seems to be an on-going experiment!
    Hope you have a great day.

    • Hi Annemarie,

      Have a read of ‘Whatever…Nothing!’ (http://fibromodem.com/?p=10550).
      Basically, it’s pretty much like you…and I just feel the need to start again because I know so much more now, about other medications and alternative treatments.
      I don’t know where I’m going yet, after this whole weaning process, but I’m looking for something better!

  3. I recently went off all my meds for the same reason. I wasn’t sure what was working and what wasn’t, and beyond that, I felt like some of the meds were making me worse! Lyrica, in particular, made me impossible to live with. When I switched to amitriptlyene, I was suicidal (literally stayed awake all night with a gun in my lap). So I went off all of them. Everything. And the withdrawals sucked. And some days feel impossible to get through.
    I will say this: I recently went gluten free and it has made a HUGE difference for me. HUGE! I don’t know if you’d be willing to try it (I’d wait until after the tapering process if you do).
    You’re doing a great job. I’m honored to be a part of Thunderclap! Thank you for being so tireless (even when you’re exhausted) and spreading the Fibro Awareness message. <3

    • I too went off my meds – Lyrica 400mg and Vicodin. A little over 2 months ago I cut out all processed foods and Gluten and within a few days I felt as if someone had opened up my brain and cleared away all the fog! So I went to the doctor and said hey I want to stop taking all the pills I think I can do it, if I feel this great just by changing my diet maybe I won’t need to taks them! I have been off now for 1 week, had some withdrawals but not too bad. I really wonder how many people have also had success with this. I am seriously reading every label! No more sodas or anything with aspartame I also detoxed from sugar I allow only a small amount I was very addicted I hadn’t had a candy bar in three months and last I ate a few bites and it was too sweet to enjoy-that never happened before! The last 2 months I felt better than I have in years no fog, no depression, very little pain and lots and lots of energy I thought I was doomed to a couch potatoes life – not any more though thank god! My hair & eyes are full and shiny again my and I have lost 15 lbs -yippee! ( I went Gluten free before I decided to go off my meds and felt good except fot the side effects of the drugs and didn’t start losing the weight until I was almost off the meds) Have a great day!

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