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BODYBALANCE™ is the Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centred and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance.

The class started with a tai-chi warm-up…cool – I can handle that! Then, into some of the yoga moves that I had done previously. When we hit the downward dog,

I had to dodge Mommy’s dirty looks – what the hell have you gotten me into? Down into the plank – if looks could kill!

The Plank!

And onto the mat for the yucky part – pilates core workout! Guess what? I still haven’t developed any stomach muscles (ummm…and it seems neither has Mommy!) More yoga, some flowing tai chi and finishing with a 10 minute meditation to clear the mind.

(I haven’t gone into great detail because the class was definitely, as promised, a fusion of all three other classes: yoga, pilates and tai-chi as described in previous posts).

I must say that the final meditation was very much appreciated, as I dripped sweat onto my mat and waited to be scraped from the floor.

Earlier in the day, Mommy and I went to visit the doctor (rheumatologist #3). I tried to motivate him with the promise of fame, fortune and untold riches (He could be the One! The One who could show empathy! The One who could publish numerous journal articles! The One that all FM patients would seek!) Erm…it seems he wasn’t interested.

So, the plan is:

  1. maintain Lyrica dosage – 150 mg am & pm (til step 6);
  2. stop taking the Prednisolone (no weaning as I was only on it for a week);
  3. visit GP on Friday to start weaning off Sertraline (anti-depressant actually being used for depression) over the week;
  4. no anti-depressant for one week (should be some interesting posts that week!);
  5. start Cymbalta (until we find correct dose for my depression);
  6. reduce morning dose Lyrica;
  7. reduce evening dose Lyrica.

Of course, steps 6 and 7 will only be attempted if necessary; and step 5 may take quite a while. If at any stage, I find that everything feels better, then I’ll be leaving it as is. I have a follow-up appointment with Rheumatologist #3 in 3 months.

So it looks like it’s up to me and Mommy (and my poor GP – she doesn’t know yet! with as much input from you guys as you feel like giving) to discover the secret (at least, the one that works for me) behind managing the pain, fatigue and fog and returning to work.

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  1. Wow what a great plan! I can’t wait until I can do a class like the one you described!

    Thanks for everything you do!

  2. I’ll be really interested to follow along with your plan. I’m definitely curious about the cymbalta because I have been wondering about that lately, for my fibro. I actually like the lyrica fine, but if I could get a med that handled both fibro and depression together that would be awesome! Looking forward to hearing how all of this goes for you.

  3. you are doing way better than most of us if you are doing pilates! I tried to reduce and wean off lyrica, I was debilitated in bed wrapped in heat..wasnt a good idea. I am so sensitive to these drugs, too much lyrica makes me psycho, AND Cymbalta made me suicidal..be careful with that one..I have tried 6 different SSRI and the older tricyclics..All make me nuts I would rather be depressed! Good luck with your plan..wish I could get thru yoga stretches without collapsing!

    • Have you tried Savella? I have had pretty good luck with it! Can’t take Lyrica or Cymbalta

    • I sweat and shake the entire time – but afterwards, none of my pain is any worse (not necessarily any better, either) but my muscles feel stretched and able to breathe. I actually feel taller and walk lighter for a couple of hours afterwards…then I collapse!

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  5. I’m with Jackie on this one. Mydoctor has informed me he won’t give me anything for my fibro that could have suicidal ideation as a side effect. I can understand it to a point, because I know where I have been, but why do they create anti-depressant drugs in the first place that cause it? Seems totally crazy to me, but obviously not to the drug companies.

    But your class sound good. Thanks for telling is about it and good luck with the drug changes.

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