A (Rei)Ki to Effective Pain Management

I have a friend who I met at high school. We weren’t great friends then, but I knew her. When I started working at the casino, I met up with her again. For a while, she seemed to be more friends with my brother than me. She was always very relaxed, laid back and also on a different shift to me. We’d go out now and then but I don’t think it was a major relationship in either of our lives.

Now, we have both left the casino; and I have eagerly embraced her yoga-teaching, reiki-practising, kinda-hippy, relaxed friendship. She is a wonderful addition to my support network – she offers unrivalled understanding and support; she reads all the things that I send her about FM, my blog and my Facebook page (unlike most of my family); and she puts up with shopping trips with me (even though she HATES shopping!)

This friend, I have mentioned a number of times, is Thais. We keep talking about having regular yoga and reiki sessions, except that each time she comes over, we get distracted. I have no idea by what; I guess it’s just stuff that friends talk about.

But sometimes, and not often enough, she treats me with reiki. Reiki is a treatment in which healing energy is channelled from Thais to me, to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain, & fatigue. It is supposed to work by opening up a channel between healer and patient to transfer energy, and restore the body both physically and mentally.

By ‘laying on hands’ on specific parts of your body or even just positioning hands slightly above your body, a qualified Reiki practitioner can help bring relief to your chronic pain and make you feel better than you have in years. It is an ancient Japanese technique, also called ‘biofield’ therapy.

During a reiki session, muscles are relaxed, and energy flow is unblocked. This helps reduce physical tension and pain. Anxiety and stress also are reduced, helping to unblock and release emotional pain. Although you may not be completely pain-free, you feel relaxed, refreshed, and better able to cope with your condition.

A number of reiki clinical trials was recently reviewed by the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, which concluded that there was strong evidence that biofield therapies help reduce the intensity of pain in general.

No serious side effects or risks have been identified in the medical literature on reiki, and it is considered to be a very low-risk intervention. Since reiki is facilitated either with a very light touch or with no touch — slightly off the body — it provides a therapeutic option for those who are in pain or unable to be touched – that would be some of us.

Sounds too good to be true? I can only tell you about my experience. When Thais and I do finally get round to trying some out, I always feel deeply calm and relaxed (in fact, we want to try to reiki me to sleep one night and see if it helps with the quality of my sleep). I don’t know if this is just because Thais is a calming influence to be around at any time, or if she is actually channelling her energies into me.

Has any-one else had some experience with reiki? Perhaps with a practitioner that they did not know personally (for a less biased opinion)?

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  1. Pretty lady I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hope you are right about Reiki I will share that unbiased opinion with you on Saturday early after noon my time here in California. I have an appointment for a special healing massage with a Reiki Master. I have always and forever believed in the laying on of hands and channeling energy but have never experienced a professional. I was going to a Holistic healer for a while and also having soft tissue lazier treatments both between my shoulders where my body was forming a quwzi moto hump between my shoulders. Most days I assumed it was from the shear weight of holding my head up. I have suffered many injuries so I had a build up of scar tissue on top of and wrapped around my curved spine. Since I was never taught and still haven’t learned how to cope with lifes emotional BS my body reaction in a physical way. Any one out there have this problem too? Right now when my husband tried to hug me he said I felt like he was plugging into a 220 out let and that the other day when the car on my belt 🙂 I’m being real with you so I am not going to fix that May be some one out there needs a good laugh!!! This is a treatment I know works…Laugh, laugh and don’t be afraid to cry if it helps. Please excuse my grammar it has never been a strong suit. Here’s to soft healing touches and better days for us all. I will get back to you on the Reiki. Lori

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  3. Well how do I begin to tell you about my experience…with the reiki master. This was something I had never experienced before but plan to do many times more 🙂 and the idea of being put to sleep in that manner is very appealing so go for it. I spent according to John “the master” 80 % of the 90 minute treatment unconscious “literally” At one point when I came to I asked him if it was normal for someone to pass out and he said yes it was a good thing. It proved that my mind was open to accepting the experience and the healing that came along with it. Well so I guess you got your answer it is very real maybe even more so with you and your friend because of the personal bond you have. Also in your own home environment it seems it would be even more comforting and relaxing. Today for the first time in months it didn’t cross my mind to take any pain meds Woo Hoo and my arms that I haven’t been able to move in months with out severe pain move not a lot but some and that is progress. I don’t know exactly how much of the physical pain was relieved “some” but the emotional pain with out measure has subsided so much it scares me to think of it coming back. 🙁 John told me to go back to room of safety and the unconscious state I was in when ever my life’s stresses try to reemerge and tune the negative energy into positive. He also told me that if I focused in on what ever good or bad that is what would manifest itself into my reality. Kinda like the parable about the Wolf which animal do you choose to feed that is the one that will emerge. My husband just said something profound and I have to share: It is not the height of the Mountain that exhausts you its the pebble in your shoe. Had to share. Never met him before or experienced this kind of energy healing but it helped in a major way and my next appointment is July 15th. and I can’t wait. I came home afterwards and I felt that a big weight has been lifted funny tho it’s an inside relief more than an outer one. I hope this helps for any of those readers who are trying to find alternative methods for coping with FM or any other debilitating pain conditions this is a very worth wild addition to any coarse of treatment. Sending lots of positive healing energy your way Lori

    • Thank you so much for coming back to tell me/us what it felt like – I really MUST let Thais get her hands on me.

      I hope your experience (and the tellin gof it) helps others. And I really hop ethat the positive effects stay with you.

  4. I have fibromyalgia and also am a certified Reiki practitioner. I receive Reiki treatments from others and also do self-practice and find it very beneficial. I’ve written more here if you’re interested: http://paininthetrek.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/that-reiki-thing/

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

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