Anyone in Melbourne? (Or Need an Excuse to Come to Melbourne?)

I told you about the great shiatsu treatment that I had on Friday; and today, I had a marvellous reflexology treatment  (which I will tell you about at a later time).

The EastWest College is having a fund-raising event on June 24th 2012. All treatments will be $15 – yes, you heard me – $15:

  • $15 for one hour of shiatsu
  • $15 for one hour of reflexology
  • $15 for one hour of massage

Now, there are only two problems:

  1. EastWest College is in Caulfield South, Victoria, AUSTRALIA; and
  2. Places are restricted.

So, if you live in/near Melbourne, or you really need an excuse to come for a visit, the weekend of June 24th is the time to come!

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  1. Great deal! I’m in Malvern, Vic., so I hope to be there. Thanks for the heads up.

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