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I Know What You Did – Last Night

Yesterday, my friend completed Tough Mudder – congratulations to her (and are you crazy?)

I couldn’t go to support her because that meant I was going to have to find a spot in the mud to call my own, and then stand there for at least 4 hours (not counting the 2 hours prior for registration)

When she had survived this ordeal, my friend drove for 2 hours to visit with me – the chocolate candle were alight, the meditative music was playing, and warm, fluffy towels were arranged appropriately so when my mud-encrusted friend limped in, she could relax.

While she was in the shower, I started to prepare the strawberry margaritas (oh! what a mess in the kitchen, still!) I realised that I had nowhere near enough ice in my freezer so my wonderful neighbours went to buy a bag of ice (they were rewarded with a pitcher of margaritas, of course).

We ordered in Chinese food, watched a not-so-great movie, smoked a joint and drank margaritas all night; babbling and laughing late, late into the night…


Good Intentions Gone Awry

I’m beginning to think that some-one whose thought processes are a tad jumbled shouldn’t have tried to run a competition. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea?

Firstly, I uploaded all my pages and links without thinking about it clearly – so I’ve now had to change them ALL! (even though I seem to have forgotten a couple, only to discover it later when something goes wrong!) Steep learning curve – but I’m open to a challenge!

Then, I had to email the entry participants and ask them to change their entry comments – sorry to you if you feel that I invaded your privacy by emailing you directly. Lucky that I only have 2 other entries!

Now, to that – there are ONLY 3 entries so far…and one of those is mine! Not quite what I had envisaged – I was being really optimistic and hoping to change the fibromyalgia world one video at a time…really quickly with a gallery of entries!

Not that the competition is over, or that I’m throwing in the towel – I have provided the Fibro Fighter Prize Package myself and I think it’s fabulous (valued at over $120) so I shall keep nagging you and trying to publicise the competition on FaceBook .

I don’t think what I am requiring you to do to WIN is difficult:

  • FOLLOW this blog – that’s me! This is a condition of entry – if you do not become one of my Followers (doesn’t that sound very feudal?), I cannot award you the Fibro Fighter Prize Package.
  • LIKE my FaceBook page – Another condition of entry – if you do not become one of my Followers, I cannot award you the Fibro Fighter Prize Package.
  • Make a video – this is the part that should excite you, inspire you and make you want to get involved. Isn’t your head full of things you want to say, things you want people to know? Then, start playing around on the computer…google how-to tutorials, experiment, involve your family – this part should be great! There is NO minimum or maximum length for your video.
  • Remember that the competition is about Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, so you MUST include a reference to the day – there is a theme to this competition so, TO WIN, you must include this reference. That probably means that you can’t submit a previously made video unless you edit it! It also means that if it is not there, I can’t award you the Fibro Fighter Prize Package.
  • Only LIKES on my Facebook page wall and LIKES on your own blog count towards the final result – so you MUST make sure that you let your supporters know. LIKES on YouTube will NOT count so tell your supporters where to go to LIKE you.

So, please allow your creative juices to flow – and I know there might be lots that you need to learn, but why not give it a try? Entries must be submitted by 20 April 2012 and  the winner will be announced on 1 May 2012 (in time for you to receive your prize and wear/use all the stuff for Fibromyalgia Day!)

Help me to sow my good intentions and leave it to the Internet as to whether fruit abounds…

NB: I know that this was not a very creative or humorous or educational post – but right now, my head is full of this competition. I spend my time flipping from my FB page to this Blog, to see if there are any LIKES or new videos – and I guess that’s good because it’s keeping me distracted, but you may already be bored with this crap…so I’ll try for something interesting tomorrow…

In the Still of the…Day?

The last two nights I went to bed without taking a Stilnox – not quite at the time demanded by my evil doctor, but not too late either. Then today (or yesterday, as it is 3.25am) I cannot go to sleep at all. It got to about 2am (without a yawn) before I thought that I’d give up on a natural night’s sleep tonight and take a tablet – now where did I put that itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, one-and-only-one-left tablet…

Think sitcom dream sequence ripple effect across the screen:

Earlier on today, I was cleaning up my kitchen after it was covered in blue frosting and chocolate cake mix from my attempt at cupcakes, when I moved the super-duper, giant size tablet dosette. There, hidden behind the huge, white container,  was a little white tablet – shit! one of the 15 or 16 (depending on the day) tablets that I take daily each morning had escaped. Quick mouthful of water and I forgot all about it.

Back to my computer for some internet surfing…I began feeling incredibly nauseous and my water bottle was empty. Up, I had to get, to get a refill from the tap. Ooooh…the house is moving. Suddenly, my surroundings become a carnival fun-house ride – the floor is undulating up and down, tipped from side to side, and forward and back, by my weight. This wasn’t just a feeling – I was literally falling over.

So, despite my best intentions, I was desperately in need of a nap and I took myself off to bed at 3.30pm.

At about 6.15, my brother called, waking me out of a very deep sleep, to let me know he was 15 minutes away from picking me up for my warm water class. Holy Cow!

The 32 degree (celsius) water felt cold against my skin. The water wasn’t lifting away the dead weight of fibromyalgia, like it did every other week. When we leaned against the side of the pool to cycle our legs, I would have fallen off my bike; my legs were moving so slowly. Laying back to float in the water, I almost returned to dreamland.

Now, at exactly 3.54am, I know why all that happened…AND I know why I can’t find that damn itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, one-and-only-one-left tablet…

From the Couch

After spending yesterday learning how to convert a Powerpoint presentation to video, and the day before that, learning how to make a Powerpoint presentation (so I could enter my own competition), I thought that I would tackle the very relevant topic of:

  1. Start a Blog (need I say more?)
  2. Make a FaceBook page.
  3. Enter competitions (like the Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Video Competition – nudge! nudge!)
  4. Join up to FaceBook – not only can you keep in contact with family and friends (and, perhaps, not feel so isolated), but there are great games available. Personally, I love Scrabble, Lexulous and Words With Friends (seeing a trend here?)
  5. Watch all the movies, series, documentaries, etc that you’ve recorded for a rainy day. If you’re stuck on the couch, the rainy day is here.
  6. Order your kids/husband (or other half) around – I don’t have either but I would assume that this is the PERFECT couch activity.
  7. Discover a new interest – ok, this one is slightly embarrassing – and if you’re easily offended, you should probably move to the next point – but I have found an interest in Bad-Story-Line-Porn! No, it’s not the porn part that is all that exciting (especially when I’m by myself); it’s the story line part and the REALLY bad acting – and especially spoofs of movies and TV series. Titles like Sasha Gray’s Anatomy, Rapunzel and Desperate Measures (please note that these are not recommendations). Your new interest could be something more mainstream…
  8. Read a book – or if you’re unable to hold a book or concentrate, listen to an audio book (the new Jodi Picoult and Jeffrey Archer books are out!)
  9. Find free events in your city – the only problem is that, if you want to GO to the free events, you will have to leave the couch!
  10. Learn something new – it could be information (eg: weather in Melbourne, Australia in March) or an on-line course (maybe in computer skills?)

Got any good couch activities (stop thinking naughty thoughts!)?

My Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Video Competition Entry

I am entering the Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Video Competition.

Please LIKE my video by liking my post so I can win the Fibro Fighter prize package. The most LIKES wins!

(Just trying to provide an example of what you might come up with…Also, if no-one else enters, I get to keep the prize!!!)