My Own (little) Awareness Day Campaign

The day started with a doctor’s appointment to get a new medical certificate for Centrelink (yes! I’m still on Sickness Allowance and not Disability). I remember my list of things to tell the doctor – and, FINALLY, I remembered to take my postcards.

I left 10 in the reception area.

The pharmacist is now Fibromyalgia Aware!

The off to the Chemist to fill my prescriptions. Guess what I  left there?

And then it was off to get acupuncture! (insert YIPPEE!) Being slightly early, and incredibly organised (for once), I stopped in at the printer next door and had some posters printed into A3 size.

Paul (the acupuncture dude) in reception with his postcards

Now back to get acupuncture, and feeling very pleased with myself. Paul, my acupuncturist, allowed me to leave some postcards in a prominent position.

My campaigning continued as I skipped merrily on my way home.

At the party suppies store...

At the Op shop

At the chiropractor's office...

So, now I am feeling incredible smug (and tired!) as I turn East Bentleigh PURPLE!

P.S. You may have noticed my badge on my profile picture. You can get one (I can’t work out how to make it a widget) HERE!

10 Reasons To Increase Fibromyalgia Awareness

  1. As we all know, it takes some people years and years to find out what is wrong and finally be diagnosed. If everyone knew all about fibromyalgia, then people could be diagnosed earlier. There would be  less of those depressing years of searching for answers.
  2. Sufferers will feel less alone – they will see posters and information booklets EVERYWHERE, giving them tips on how to cope.
  3. Doctors will become more interested in our condition and start investigating (and keeping up to date with) the newest medications and treatments, rather than ‘It’s Fibromyalgia – there’s nothing I can do.’
  4. Medical researchers and scientists will be more interested in finding a cure! Nobody wants to spend their time looking for a cure for something that no-one has heard of, they all want to cure the illnesses that people know about!
  5. We will no longer have to answer questions such as ‘Fibro-my-WHAT?’, ‘Fibromyalgia? What on Earth is that?’ or ‘Is that even real?’ No more long difficult explanations of the never-ending symptoms.
  6. People may even become more understanding! Relatives and friends will understand why you don’t feel up to partying. Employers understand why you have limitations and will be able to give you suitable arrangements because they will know what they are dealing with.
  7. Advertising companies will realise that there are a LOT of us and will design fibro-friendly products such as ride-on vacuum cleaners, ergonomically designed car seats, etc.
  8. More support groups will be formed as a result of more people realising that they have fibromyalgia.
  9. More people will donate money to research to find new treatments and… dare I say it… maybe even a cure!
  10. Because it makes you feel good about yourself!! You aren’t just doing this for yourself; we are doing this as a TEAM EFFORT! We need to reach as many people as possible to make this a success.