Coping vs Hoping

In response to a research study I found, I wanted to ask you guys the same question – to see if our results match the study. The answers may need explanation; and you will find then below the poll.

After we have answers, I will publish a precis of the research study as compared to our answers

  • Trust in Divine Help in response to disease addresses non-organized intrinsic religiosity as an external transcendent resource to cope (i.e., trust in a higher power which carries through; strong belief that God will help; faith is a strong hold, even in hard times; pray to become healthy again; live in accordance with religious convictions).
  • Trust in Medical Help addresses patients’ reliance on an external medical source of health control (i.e., trust in the therapeutic potentials of modern medicine, take prescribed medications, follows advice of health professionals, full confidence in doctors and therapists).
  • Search for Information and Alternative Help refers to external sources providing additional information or alternative help (i.e., thoroughly informed about disease; get thorough information how to become healthy again; find people who can help; search for alternative ways of healing).
  • Conscious Way of Living addresses cognitive and behavioural strategies in terms of internal powers and virtues (i.e., healthy diet; physical fitness; living consciously; keep away harmful influences; change life to get well).
  • Positive Attitudes refers to internal cognitive and behavioural strategies (i.e., realization of shelved dreams and wishes; resolving cumbering situations of the past; take life in own hands; doing all that what pleases; positive thinking; avoiding thinking at illness).
  • Reappraisal: Illness as Chance addresses a reappraisal attitude referring to cognitive processes of life reflection (i.e., reflect on what is essential in life; illness has meaning; illness as a chance for development; appreciation of life because of illness).
  • Escape from Illness (i.e., fear what illness will bring; would like to run away from illness; when I wake up, I don’t know how to face the day”


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  1. Its very hard to vote on one because I would use a combination of a few of these things to manage my illness.

  2. I believe that God never gives us more than we can handle. Yes you can pray to get better. Medical suggestions are there for you to decide what is best type of medication for your condition. I always listen to my body, it in itself will tell me when I have done to much, have more faith in the actions of your body as it knows you best. I find when I do to much I just have to rest or my body will come down with some type of illness that makes me rest, like the flu, or a migrane, ect.

  3. it’s a bit tricky, it’s for most of us (and yourself I think) a combination … but the one that really stands out for me is positive thinking, absolutely!

  4. Good Morning; I trust in God I am not religious, I have a personal relationship with Him. I pray and read the Bible daily.I also have found Alternative Help and Conscious Way of Living and I never trust the medical help, though I have listened and taken the information and together with God, and Alternative things I take One Day at a Time. We never know how the day is going to be with Fibro so I have built what I call my “Fibro Bag of Tricks” that work for me, to handle things daily.

    • Hi JuLee,
      I think most of us (at least those who have suffered pain for a while) have that ‘Bag of Tricks.’ Some people have fuller ‘bags’ with more ‘tricks’ and move from one ‘trick’ to another until they find what works (hopefully) on that particular day.
      I’d love it if you could share some of your ‘tricks’ on my page: Take Care of Yourself ( Sharing those tricks between each other may help all of us continue to fill the ‘bag.’

  5. In the past I trusted the medical community to help me find relief but what I found if any was short lived. Mostly what I got were side effects some worse than the disease itself. Now I look to alternative sources for help and retraining your brain or my brain rather to view the pain differently. It is all so hard to deal with that running away looks pretty good but I know that is not reality so day by day I just do the next right thing and trust that God will do the rest. My Faith is what sustains me through most of it and the belief that there is some purpose or reason for it all in the end. Sorry I know I am all over the place, fighting through the pain..but hey at least the world didn’t end on 12/21/12 so there is still hope that together we can beat this thing or at least take some of the power out of it. So even tho I do not attend a building to worship very ofter it is ultimately my faith that keeps me keeping on. Lori

  6. I think while it’s a few of those – above all I would have got nowhere without the Search for Information and Alternative Help option. I wouldn’t even have a diagnosis. I have to take control of my own condition – if I waited for the medical profession, I don’t know where I’d be right now.

  7. I voted although some of all of those have been part of my journey and currently I’m not really focusing on any of those. I’ve kind of reached an acceptance, somewhat defeated at times, and am currently focusing on coping with the depression and the co-dependency in unhealthy relationships in my life, since those two things seem to trigger and drive a lot of my fibro symptoms.

  8. I have no diagnosis. But I have been living in chronic pain since I was a 16 year old. I am 39 now.
    And the pain is get worse now than ever. I have many tender points. And I have a lot of inflamation throughout my body. My left eye constantly twitches sometimes so violently that it effects my vision in that eye.
    I have a severe case of depress along with it because I feel extremely hopeless.
    My mental clarity is low. And I am tired of being judged because of my lack of life that I am living due to my pain.
    I have severe fatigue too.
    I don’t have any support from friend or family. They all think since there is no diagnosis that the pain is all in my head.
    What can I do?

    • You need to find an understanding doctor to speak to; because until you find out what is wrong, you can’t be treated. If you haven’t got a great doctor, have a look at our Preferred doctor list (accessible from the top menu) and, hopefully, there is one there near you.
      A good doctor can suggest both prescriptive and alternative treatment. After that, have a look at some of my posts about alternate treatments (yoga, warm water exercise, etc…) and see if something appeals to you.
      You need to be your own advocate – you need to learn about your own condition (difficult if you don’t know what it is) and fight for the treatment that you deserve!
      I hope some of this helps – I have plenty of advice throughout my previous posts but I am not a doctor, so you NEED to find some medical help!

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