Did the Earth Move for You, Too?

According to recent study findings by Anthony S. Kaleth, PhD, associate professor at the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, whole-body vibration exercise effectively reduced the severity of pain in patients with fibromyalgia.

146. best exerciseBUT it is not entirely clear whether these improvements were the result of added vibration or just the effects of being more active.

24 women with FM were randomly assigned to either 8 weeks of twice-weekly, lower-body, progressive-resistance exercise with whole-body vibration or an attention control group. Whole-body vibration involved patients standing, sitting or laying on a vibrating platform to induce alternating muscle contraction and relaxation.

Patients were assessed at baseline and at 8-week follow-up for fibromyalgia-related physical function, pain severity and muscle strength.

The researchers found a significant improvement in pain severity among patients in the whole-body vibration group compared with controls, but the magnitude of muscular strength improvement was not different between groups.


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  1. Wow…that is quite interesting!

  2. Interesting, I think I’d feel very sore if vibrated all over, … I like floating, in a warm pool, or walking in a pool up to my waist, slowly, … also a bath with Epsom Salts (Magnesium sulphate) is actually really nice, ahhhhh, along with the handfulls of medication obviously. Definitely excercise, or movement which you can do without hurting yourself and later causing Pain is what we want to find individually. Peace, Love, be calm.

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