Extra suitcase, anyone?

Umm…anyone got an extra suitcase?

And in case, you see anything about a suspected drug importer entering Bali on Sunday – please start a fund for my legal fees ASAP.


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  1. Does all that stuff give you any relief? just wondering. . .

    • Actually, I think it is. Pain-wise, I still wake up feeling like all my muscles and bones have been moved BUT during the day, I (mostly) feel okay.

      I still have to be careful about over-exertion or stimulation, as that will bring on some major headaches. And if I ‘flare’ then these drugs have no hope.

      They don’t seem to help with the fatigue, though, and that is still a giant problem. You can probably get an hour of activity out of me before I need to rest for four.

      Also, some of these are for ‘just in case’ in Bali:
      Buscopan – stops stomach cramping
      Imodium – stops diarrhea
      Hydrolyte – to replace electrolytes, in case I get diarrhea
      Maxalon – stops nausea (as my recent med changes have been causing me nausea)
      Fever Kool and Soothe – the pads I put on my face if I have a flare.

      I have to be prepared (good girl scout) for anything as i haven’t done any travelling since becoming ill, so I don’t know what to expect.

  2. I know what ya mean. Just make sure each med. has the ex label on it. Hope you have a great trip! If get in trouble send an SOS.

  3. Also a good girl scout…Plan for the worst and hope for the best. I just wanted to say happy trails and safe journey to you and the mommy. Lori

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