Fibro-Knowledgeable Doctors

We all know how difficult it is to find an understanding and knowledgeable doctor.

If you have any recommendations for any health professional who has been particularly helpful and understanding, you might want to share him/her with other FM sufferers. Send your recommendations by email to:

The following referrals have all come from patients (I think). Hopefully, you will find them useful




United Kingdom

United States

(more countries will be added as necessary)


  1. Can you add in Dr Chumbley, Castle Gardens Medical Centre, East Hill, Colchester, Essex for the UK under South please? She’s a GP and very good.

  2. Can you add in Dr.Francis J Gallagher MD,Lebanon Internal Medicine Associates, 755 Norman Drive Lebanon,Pa 17042 in the USA.He is a Rheumatologist and is awesome..

  3. Dr Heather Allen at Selby in the Dandenongs and Kerryn Coombe in Upwey for mindfulness counselling 0405 971958.

  4. Hello All,
    Does anyone know of any great Rheumatologist in the TAMPA, FL area?

  5. Can you please add Dr Matthew Peer, 716-838-0640, Pain Management, Buffalo, NY. He’s the first doctor who’s ever helped me.

  6. I live in the US and Indiana has no list of fibromyalgia knowledgeable doctors on your list. I live in the state capital, ( Indianapolis ) and can’t find anyone to help me except pain centers. My doctor is ready to stop treatment on me that she uses and it works but it consist of narcotics and other meds. It sucks to have to go through trying to talk to another doctor that has very little knowledge about fibromyalgia. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Kathy

    • It does suck…BIG TIME!
      All I can suggest is a GOOGLE search (yeah, that sucks, too!) I entered Indianapolis Fibromyalgia Doctors. There were 10 pages of results – hopefully, someone there can help you a bit.
      Or search for support groups, so you can ask for any referrals.

      When you find one, please make sure to let me know and I can add that doctor to the list.

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