FibroMAGIC is back!

After a second reflexology treatment yesterday…

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  1. I had one there today – actually helped calm down my sore irritable bowel. They are a great place – thank you for letting us all know about it. Now I’m looking for a good, gentle yoga place. Are you able to share the name of the guy you wrote about before? BTW, the clinic gave me your card! Then I told them you were the one who told me about it.

    • My yoga place is in East Bentleigh – Dharma Yoga ( I do the Yoga Therapy class but Jean-Alain says that the Gentle Yoga classes will work for me, too. There is also a course but I’m not sure when that starts.

      EastWest actually offered to run their next fundraising day for a charity that I’m aligned with – But it appears that no-one wants me; I’m working on starting my own. Know anything about that?

      • What do you mean no one wants you? Jane (in the office during the day) said they haven’t got approval yet, but they’re trying for August 5th (to be kept quiet until approved) so if they do, maybe they’d support your charity then? It’s such a great idea to combine student hours with fundraising that maybe even another clinic might be interested. Or practitioners in a space that you rent – they’d get marketing points and your charity would get money. Sort of like the MindBodySoul Expos but on a smaller scale. Just a thought. Thanks for the Yoga info. – much appreciated.

        • No, I mean that i haven’t got a charity yet. I don’t want to donate to mixed charities anymore (eg: Arthritis Victoria or ME/CFS Vic) – I want my money and anything I help to raise to go to Fibro research and awareness!

          I’m hoping to start my own or join forces with an out of state charity!

          • That’s a great idea, and I agree totally with your concept about the mixed charities. One really big thing I wish you could pull off with all your research is a list of fibro friendly (and full of knowledge!) doctors. I keep going back to my wonderful doc in Sydney because she’s open to everything. It’s crazy when even the clinic students say they don’t know much about it. I told them they needed to change that and then market themselves as being able to help. Keep us all posted on your plans; you know you have a lot of support here.

      • Ha! I’m still to find one!

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