Funny ☺But Sad 😓

This appeared on my Facebook feed so I reproduce, with permission (and some extra cartoons) for your (bitter-sweet) amusement

Top 10 Funny Living with Fibro Factors:


1. Hair dryers that look normal but actually weigh 3 tonnes when you go to dry your hair.

2. Having to allow extra time to cool off after showering because you’re now sweating bullets.

258. sleeping together

3. Sleeping under lots of blankets because you’re freezing but still needing the fan on because you are also too hot.

4. Thinking you were having a good day until you have to walk more than 8 steps and discover someone poured concrete into your legs when you weren’t looking

146. best exercise


304. smoke and mirrors

5. Trying not to get frustrated when people say “I thought you were getting better”…it’s a chronic condition, there is no better just good days, bad days and the ever dreaded flares.

6. Forgetting your children’s names…or why you came into the room…or how to drive…on brain fog days.

119. fibro fog


chronic comic 174

7. Trying to decide whether to be honest or just keep it simple when someone asks how you’re doing.

8. Mentally trying to weigh up if you are whinging too much about your fibro or not speaking up enough about what you are going through. Either way most people don’t understand.

85.second opinion


86. crawl into bed

9. Feeling exhausted all the time even when you get enough sleep OR not being able to sleep because pain is too much. Either way you’re still tired.

10. Knowing that you have to laugh at the absurdity of this condition because fibro has already stolen too many tears.

231. pleaSURES


100.1 pain in the ass

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