Hard-ly Positive

Well, the Month of Affirmations have come and gone (as has last year). I don’t know how any of you are feeling (no feedback? nothing? I feel like I’m in a relationship!) but it all seems to have been wasted on me.

I went into the month with the absolute best of intentions. I cleaned my house. I bought (and cleaned/cleared) my crystals.* I bought a set of Louise Hay’s Wisdom Cards to have by the door – the idea was to pull one out each day and let it guide me.

wisdom cards

*My Crystals

Bloodstone: Centring and grounding. Brings mystical energies of increasing adaptability and organization, & lessening confusion, stress, & anxiety. Releasing blockages. Good for helping emotional traumas and grief. Good to have several pieces in the home to increase the flow of life energy.

eggsCarnelian: Stabilising, restores vitality & motivation, stimulates creativity.  It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, and dispels apathy. Overcomes negative conditioning & improves self-esteem. Improves analytic abilities, clarifies perception, sharpens concentration. Calms anger, banishes emotional negativity and replaces it with a love of life. Stimulates sexuality. Treats neuralgia & depression. Accelerates healing in bones and ligaments.  Improves vitamin & mineral absorption. Ensures good blood supply to organs & tissues.

Jade: Calms the nervous system. Cleanses the blood. Removes toxins. Excellent stone for the kidneys.

Malachite: Balance, abundance, manifestation & intention.  Amplifies energies of all kinds, both positive & negative. Absorbs energy and draws emotions to the surface.

Ruby Fuchsite: Balancing stimulation with intuition. Brings about awareness of problems of all kinds & use this awareness to find solutions. Helps one understand Love at a Higher level. Helpful with ailments where body functions are out of balance. Amplifying.

Unakite: Balances emotions with spirituality. Provides grounding when needed. Facilitates rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual & psychological growth. Supports convalescence & recovery from major illness.

Chinese Lapis: Encourages clarity & objectivity. Allows the release of stress bringing deep inner peace. Facilitate self-knowledge & self-expression. Helps overcome depression, lower blood pressure & boosts the immune system & the thyroid. Beneficial for alleviating migraine headaches & insomnia.

Blue lace agate: Gentle, calming stone that engenders tranquility and grace. Brings with this calm and tranquility a lessening of anger, even deep anger issues, and a calming of nervousness. Considered a happiness stone, as well as one of hope.

Black onyx: Provides strength & support during difficult circumstances. Alleviates fears & worries to help you to feel comfortable within yourself & in your surroundings. Promotes stamina & vigour. Encourages making wise decisions. Promotes self-control to keep excessive emotions & passions under control.

Hematite: Effective grounding stone. Inspires while keeping feet firmly on the ground. Reduces the discomfort of leg cramps & fractures, cleanses the blood & aids blood-related problems.

Pink Agate: Replaces pain with joy, heart healing and heart warming. Calms, comforts and provides security. Eases stress, promotes unconditional love for others and the understanding that you are lovable. Offers positive self-image. (I think everyone needs one of these!)

Amethyst: Aids creative thinking & spiritual awareness. Protective stone. Eases headaches, releases tension, relieves physical & emotional pain. Helps combat addictions. Reduces swellings & bruises.

Botswana Agate: Anti-depressant quality. Promotes understanding the need for deeper meaning. Stimulates the exploration of the unknown & furthers ones quest toward the enlightened state. Soothing & calming qualities. Encourages eternal & constant love. Great for achieving stability & balance. Improves mental functions & helps where issues of clarity and stability are concerned. towerAids smokers who want to quit

Garnet: Promotes good health & vitality. Enhances your love life & sex drive. Fortifies, activates & strengthens the survival instinct. Removes inhibitions. Bestows self-confidence.

Selenite: enhances mental flexibility and enables strong decision-making abilities. Lessens confusion and mental disorientation. A stone of truth and honesty.

But I just continue to be sucked into the vortex that is my life. I know I place myself in positions that I’m sure other people don’t have to deal with – I don’t know how I get here; but I do. I live in a RomCom…but without the happy ending (…so far!).

Now, I sit here watching TV while my housemate, who used to be my lover, and is currently my best friend, texts his new girlfriend (all night); after buying her lingerie while out shopping with me.

Oh….and, I got stood up for a date tonight!

It is so hard to be positive!


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  1. wow, sometimes it is difficult to stay positive. Please know I’m thinking of you and praying for you. My heart and mind have really been heavy lately. I’m 63 years old and live with my 28 year old son. He does not understand or have patience for anything I’m going thru. He suffers from anxiety and social fear, therefore he does not have a job. I am not effective at encouraging him or helping him become functional. He’s pretty verbally abusive, but I just keep thinking it will get better. I know he loves me and I just cannot give up on him like everyone else has. And, I’m not as afraid about something happening to me and me being alone with no one to help. He does cook good…I sit in my recliner all day because it hurts so bad to stand up. I watch TV or read online. I am, just this minute, deciding I am going to change this….one little step at a time. If it isn’t raining, tomorrow I am going to walk outside….I have not looked at my email in forever…I need to catch up…I’m sorry for that because I always like yours. I will do better. Thank you for being here and for all of your effort! You are an inspiration, when I do my part. Take comfort in the fact that I have had 1 date since my divorce in 1993. At first it was just that I was a single parent and had to devote all my effort to that. Now, I’m old, obese, and extremely disabled. Pretty much in my house except for Dr appointments.
    I do have a friend of 40 years who is moving back to Texas, so maybe he and I can start doing some things together.
    So, tomorrow we can both have a new positive beginning! Will you join me?
    Are you still posting on Facebook? I don’t serm to be getting your posts anymore. I’ll check that out. Email becomes overwhelming for me, so I procrastinate….
    Hang in there! Hope this wasn’t too much info. I don’t usually tell this much about myself…hmmm. ..

    • It is a lot easier to do stuff – any stuff – with some-one else so I hope you and your friend get to catch up.
      Every day is another day to have a positive beginning…except my birthday is coming up so I think I’ll wait until after that…I just find my birthday depressing!

  2. You’re not completely alone. I’ve read your recent blogs as I enjoy your writing style, but the affirmation thing just does nothing for me. I’m not knocking it, I know many people are inspired and motivated by affirmative actions, crystals, chanting etc, but I’m not a fan. I can’t plan a damn thing as I don’t know how I’ll feel from one day to the next. I just go with the flow, & like many, when I feel ok I overdo everything, and when I’m bad I veg. C’est la vie & take care x

    • That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I want to know if any of the stuff I’m writing about affects you. It doesn’t always have to; and, in this case, it didn’t – that’s fine but I really like to know about it. So thanks.

  3. Do not despair Simone. YOUR POSITIVE THINKING is all good. We would not like you to be spreading pessimism. I included your affirmations in my FMS eNewsletters throughout December. I hope my readers enjoyed them.
    I am sure what you and I do is appreciated even though it isn’t always expressed.

  4. Firstly I did in essence enjoy, and benefit from the, “Month of Affirmations”.

    I felt joined to something positive, which I had to make into my own positive experience.

    It did in fact remind me when I used to see a Chiropractor 3 times a week.
    He would have a positive Universal point each day, the patients were encouraged to attend his night talks all on subjects which rob us of our life, to more down to earth practical matters. For example; ‘Time Slaves’.

    When in a room of 20 people each is asked about one thing which was robbing them of time, it became apparent there are many.

    I would like to thank Purple Law Lady for sending Email on all manner of things, reading your Emails, and the ensuing comments is NOT a ‘Time Slave’, but a positive thing so please keep coming up with your intelligent ideas, all of you, as it encourages me to take time out to think. To think of something better than I was.

    Expel your pain by beginning to make some sounds. Scream, laugh, just as a matter of course. I’m alluding to going further and making Music, say with a Harmonica. I get joy in making, playing, and listening to Music.

    Or do anything you’ve done all your life which is creative, and gives a sense of achievement, pleasure, release.

    The Inspiration give to me by Purple Law Lady is an essential part of my Spiritual diet. I can only wish the best to you and your complex relationship. It is something different from FM so even though it’s difficult, beyond words maybe, you are living.

    Blessings of peace to you all.

  5. I’m kind of glad the month of affirmations is over, to be honest I pretty much skipped those posts in my feed. i find it interesting to read if doing those things helps others, and I’d be interested in knowing more about the crystals and if you feel they help you (and how) but I’m just not one to do the “let’s do this daily” thing. I tried it once on my blog and didn’t make it past day 3…lol…

    I’m sorry you are stuck in this position with your roommate, that’s got to suck and hurt. As for getting stuck in positions no one else would or does, I think we all get stuck in situations we think no one else would allow themselves in, the truth is that few of us talk about those situations because they embarrass us or because we DO think we are the only ones dealing with such things, so no one else can possibly identify with us. I think if we’d all open up a bit more about those things we’d find we are all much more alike than different.

    • I would love to see more people open up about all these things. I would love this to be a safe place for people to share intimate secrets. It really helps knowing that other people are just like me or you (or that other very quiet person reading this on their phone on a train in some other country…)

      BUT remember when I wrote about sex, or poo, or swearing/cussing?
      There is the very loud minority who write voraciously that they don’t want to hear about this stuff.

      I would so like this place to be filled with discussion. So, Julie, I am not glad that you didn’t like the daily affirmations but I am REALLY glad that you have told me. Thank you.

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