Home (ever-so) Sweet Home

I left Australia 2 weeks ago for a 4 week holiday in Bali (that I had saved up 5 years for).

I had the best intentions. I was going to walk everyday. I was going to do yoga. I was going to quit smoking. I was going to drink lots of (bottled) water. I was going to look after my Mommy who was recuperating from an operation. I could do all of these things because I always feel better in Bali – maybe it’s the type of heat or the humidity? I don’t care why – it just feels good!

For the first 5 days, I walked approximately 4kms a day. I felt great. It doesn’t feel like such a great distance when there are so many new things to see. I didn’t quite get to the yoga. I was down to about 5 cigarettes a day. I banned soft drinks from our villa…

20160802_162509And 2 days after my mother arrived, I broke my leg and ankle – not on a motorcycle or doing anything dangerous – just walking along the street.

So Mommy has spent more time looking after me (at least, she can walk) than me looking after her. Needless to say, no more long walks. I never made it to yoga. Hours of sitting in one place, looking at a gorgeous pool that I can’t swim in, has diminished my desire to quit smoking (actually, not my desire; more my willpower!) And the sugar in Coke (and lemon meringue pies) makes me feel better…temporarily.

I don’t think either Mommy or I have ever said this before, after a holiday (which, if you do the maths, we are leaving 2 weeks early) but I am so glad to be going home!

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