Immaculate Conception or Flare?

I’ve been feeling really good lately (other than flu, boobie stuff and, of course, the all-pervasive fatigue – but there was no real FM pain); but I refused to write it on here or speak it out loud because that would be pushing my luck.

Yesterday, as you know, I had THE phone call with my father and today, Mommy left for China; and today, I woke up in the worst pain I have ever had!

I woke up at 9am but it took me until 11am to get the energy to swing my legs to the edge of the bed (while ignoring the pain in my hands and legs) and hoist my body up. I slowly and carefully went to the bathroom, then to my spot on the couch. Then I ran (yes, ran!) to the bathroom again with severe abdominal pain. Back to the couch. Back to the bathroom. To the medicine drawer for some Buscopan.

After about an hour of this, the pain seemed to lessen (at least, in my stomach) so I got dressed and ready to go to my Pain lecture. If I was pregnant, I would say that right then, labour started again. Back to the bathroom. To the phone to cancel my attendance, then to bed with my heat pad for a 2.5 hour nap.

When I woke up, my stomach hurt less but the rest of me was screaming. For three hours, I debated whether I should go to hydrotherapy. Finally, I decided that, it was because my body hurt so bad, I had to go. I couldn’t lift or move my legs – they wouldn’t work properly, not even in the water. I lasted half the class.

I got home and, after a sandwich (my first food of the day), it was back to the bathroom (a number of times) and some Imodium and more Buscopan.

So, having only been diagnosed with FM for a relatively short time, I can now quite assuredly say that stress brings on flares!

So, point proven – where do I find the stop button now?

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  1. There’s a ‘stop’ button?!! No one ever told me there was a ‘stop button!!!….searching now 😉

  2. If you come across that stop button – please share. I was diagnosed in 1989. Sure hope the imodium kicked in alright. I just spent the afternoon with my brother in law, he’s in town for his job. I was suppose to meet him in downtown Vancouver at his hotel and go out for lunch – but – Mistress Fibro said no way. So he came to my house. Jeff lives in Ontario, as I did not make it to his wives (my fav sister Sue’s) funeral.It was a great afternoon. I don’t get to say that very often as I live alone and all my family and relatives live half a country away.
    I love your site.
    Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but please check out a site on facebook called ‘Pain BC’. I’m sure with all the wonderful research you do it may have something you would be interested in.
    Well hope you have a good sleep tonight. Gentle hugs,

  3. It took me awhile, but I finally became a real wimp and just retreat to bed when anything comes on worse than usual. I pushed through for so many years, to the point of nausea and beyond, and found it only ever made things worse. Once I learned about the Inner Child theory I would ask myself, when faced with a choice, what would I expect of a four old? Answer: I’d put her to bed!
    Yes, stress makes it worse, and pushing yourself when you don’t feel well is also stress. Type As can never totally do nothing, but better you work on your computer and produce wonderful things for us, than try to “exercise” it away. 🙂
    Nurture your little Simone. She deserves it.
    Holding good thoughts for it to settle down.

  4. BUT– laying in bed makes it worse. Oh I sit a lot but i get up and move and I have a really bad case. Been dx for about 46 yrshad it about 50. . W have to make ourselves get out of bed/ have to get some sun and have to move the muscles. No i cant exercize but i just walk to a room and back lots of times a day. I take persoset/neurotin and soma

  5. FYI I was just on another site and there is a new group for children in fact so new only six members so far.
    kids battling for fibro families on facebook
    I have no children but feel it to be a wonderful idea.

  6. redheadboxermomma

    Aye – what a blast of fun. I’m a recent diagnosee (word?), but can envision everything thing you went through/are going through. One of my biggest complains is I don’t know where to put my arms. They are soooo heavy and hurt. Lift them up? Lay them beside me? on my stomach?

    I have dogs to care for and I have to get up and let them out, feed them, etc. Going with the “you only have so many spoons in your drawer” thinking, some days just rolling over and getting up is about 5 spoons, walking – I should say shuffling – is another 2, etc.

    I have anti-anxiety medication I can take or take half of my sleep medication when anxiety strikes and I can’t stop it through breaking or visualization. Doesn’t knock me out too bad, but if it does, so be it. La, la land is a good place to be sometimes.

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