(Im)perfection in Paradise

Right now, I feel miserable! Yes, I’m still in Bali and it’s warm and the shopping is amazing BUT…You might remember a post I wrote, in June, about Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD).

In the interests of research, and having found a brochure about an anti-aging Beauty clinic (ARC) here in Bali, I decided to try the botox to stop my teeth grinding. (I have only had it done today so I can’t tell you if it’s working yet but I will let you know.) It was $150 for 16 units of Botox – for those who have never tried the stuff, that’s a pretty good price!

Now, here’s where it gets ugly…Then I decided I should top up the botox in my forehead, to stop the squinting headaches, so that was another 16 units. And then, I decided I wanted a more sensuous top lip (I have for a long time but could never afford it) so we pumped in half a millilitre of Restylane in there. Sounds great, right?


I’m not allowed to smoke for 24 hours – which I thought I could handle. Wrong again! Mommy is hiding in her room as she is afraid that I will bite her head off (again!) I am so crabby that I want to hit me!

I think I may have had a reaction to the Restylane as, even after icing immediately afterwards, my top lip keeps growing (like Goldie Hawn in First Wives’ Club). Mommy won’t even take a photo because she thinks one of my family will see it!  It looks like a giant blister BUT I am not stressing out (yet!); I’ll see what happens tomorrow when I wake up.

I have a lit mosquito coil (where my ashtray used to be) next to me but I am still being sucked dry by mozzies. I look like I have chicken pox (an especially attractive sight with my giant top lip!)

Very sunburnt – yes, my own stupid fault ( and goes really well with the chicken pox and giant blister growing on my face!)

Exhausted – sleeping isn’t working here (thank you FM and rooster!) and my well thought-out pacing plans have failed EVERY day.

See? Paradise isn’t perfect.

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  1. Good Gravy, Girlfriend… you’ll be perfectly imperfect by the time you come back home (where ever home is). 🙂

    Ice, ice, ice. Ice to cool your lips, ice to cool your drink, ice to cool the burn, and well, maybe your top lip? *grins

    If no smoking? I’ve found that extra amounts of water can help qualm that beast of a need. I did find it helped sometimes but, it changed on if I wanted cold water or room temp water. Maybe it’ll help take that craving away, or no. maybe with lemon?

    Hugs to y’all.

  2. Bless your heart. I was hoping your trip would go smoothly, you would get some great sleep in paradise, then come back renewed.
    Keep you in my thoughts and prayers (for a speedy recovery from bites, burns and bubbly lips)…

  3. I had a similar problem with the mosquitoes on my honeymoon in New Orleans. I found an evil product called ‘Bite Back!” Yes, it soothed the itch, and for an amazing 8 hours minimum, but it made a hard shell over the bite. I had bites all over my legs, so then I had little hard shells all over my legs, and then I decided to shave. Blood EVERYWHERE. Definitely not romantic!! LOL!

    As for the sunburn, I have recently discovered that if I soak a cloth or paper towel with milk, and then lay the towel on the burn, it takes the heat right out of the burn! As the towels warms up, I would lift it off, wave it around a little, and then slap it right back on the burn. It also kind of moisturizes the skin so it doesn’t dry out as much and peel as badly later. Double win!

    Hope this helps!

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  5. Why would you want to go through all that. Like some say glutton for punishment. You were suppose to go there to relax & have a good time. I know it is hard to relax with FM but at least you could have enjoyed yourself better. Sorry you are feeling so awefull right now, hope the rest of your trip goes well. ( NO MORE BOTOX) you are lovely just as you are.

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