Fibromyalgia Syndrome is often described as the ”Irritable Everything Syndrome.”


  1. I have recently been diagnosed with fm and I really dont know what to expect. I have horrible pain in my neck and shoulders and almost nonstop headaches. My hands and feet geet swollen and hard to bend. All my Dr has given my is an anti-inflammatory. I feel like he could do something else.

    • Your doctor can do more, and so can you!

      You need to have a look around at all the information available (YOU are your best advocate!) and decide for yourself which way you want your treatment to go. Some people believe in NOT taking any medications – they change their diets and lifestyles.

      Most FM doctors believe in a multi-modal approach (have a look at

      Your doctor may not know much about FM (perhaps it’s time to inform him!) so you could ask him to refer you to a specialist – normally that would be a rheumatologist ( but it could be a pain specialist (

      I have visited many specialists and I try to take on board all the different advice. I look at how others are dealing with the condition (that’s why FB and blogs are really good – other people can tell you what they are doing). I look at research. Then I experiment – because one of the worse things about FM is that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next.

      So my best advice is to start arming yourself with information! Good luck!

      • I have tried to stay with the same Doctor, so as to have continuity of treatment, and understanding of my symptons. Recently I’ve broken away from the Dr. i’ve seen for about four years, we had a disagreement. I’ve been refered to a Pain clinic, been to two ‘Educational Sessions’, and oddly surprised that I’m being offered Tai Chi, and a form of concentration (Meditation) called Mindfulness. I have an awful feeling that when I see the Pain Specialist a non-drug type therapy will be offered.

        To counter this I’m preparing to find doctors who understand Fibromyalgia.
        One Dr from my past will be helpful to a degree, but they are a Physchiatrist, who while sympathetic of the difficulty in treating Fibromyalgia after seeing then for many years can’t act as an expert in the field.
        This is the terribly tiring icing on the cake, persuing the elusive Fibromyalgia Expert. I was diagnosed in 1991 and only in the last five years found doctors, nurses, staff at hospitals acknowledging FM.
        Sorry to complain but I’m afraid of the lack of support.
        I have nothing against Tai Chi, or Mindfulness, but there needs to be more, … the journey continues.

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  3. Thank you for providing this list. I’ve been in constant pain now since a snowboarding injury 4 months ago. I’ve been referred to see a rheumatoid arthritis specialist, but that isn’t for weeks yet. Pretty scary as there are so many of the above symptoms that I have had for a very long time, pretty weird seeing random things like jaw pain, heartburn and dizziness being on the list too. Things are making sense in my head now and I prepared if this is the diagnosis I do eventually get.

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