It’s a Blooming Miracle!

My grandmother used to have orchids. Every year, they would bloom beautifully and be displayed on the dining room table. In 1983, she died. The orchids stopped blooming. I tried to split them up and re-pot them to encourage them to bloom. My Mommy, uncle and I all got a pot. They didn’t bloom.

Just before my uncle had his operation, my pot grew a stalk. It’s going to bloom! And the operation went well.

Prior to getting my biopsy results, Mommy’s pot grew a stalk. It’s going to bloom! And the results were fine.

Last night, my uncle told me his orchid had sprouted a stalk. Wow! I told him that it must mean our luck was changing and more good things were going to happen.

Well, I have a major headache and I’m feeling totally lethargic. BUT don’t feel sorry for me…I’m just coming down from a massive high (natural, of course!)

I had a doctor’s appointment today, basically for more Centrelink paperwork, (they are just totally unable to organise all the paperwork to be done in one session!) at 3.30pm and was just leaving the house at 3pm when the phone rang. Yes, I answered it. It was the Centrelink lady (remember the one from last week?) Oh, great – just what I wanted: another conversation about how my condition is not stabilised!

BUT guess what? (and you’ve probably guessed considering I started a new paragraph for it) I got my disability support pension (with backpay from January)! Oh my! Giant sigh of relief mixed with joy. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! She did say that Centrelink will check up along the way, in case I get better (I wish!) but that’s it – it’s mine. Thank you!

So yes, I’ve been on cloud nine for a couple of hours, unable to wipe the smile from my face. We (Mommy, my Uncle and I) like to think that my grandmother is watching over us. Corny, yes? But ever so nice.

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  1. That is AWESOME I am sooo happy for you, Keep the smile going HUGS

  2. Wonderful news. I found that when I finally was approved for the DSP it lifted so much uncertainty and worry from my shoulders that my symptoms improved (a little) or at least I was better able to cope with them. I hope you have the same experience : )

  3. I’m celebrating with you… Wooooo-hoooooooo!!!! =oD

  4. Congrats!! I know how you feel. I was soooo happy when I got mine. Hopefully someday the VA will approve me too!!

  5. I am toasting you with a fresh cup of coffee on your long overdue good news. Better still back pay. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  6. Oh what a giant relief for you – congratulations! I happen to believe in people watching over us, so how lovely about your grandmother. One good thing about Centrelink is the retroactive benefits. Now you just need to be totally aware of every benefit that goes along with the pension – sometimes, you’re just not told. You probably know, but the PBS threshold went down this year to $348 for concession card holders. I’ll reach that by next month – that makes my PBS drugs FREE until January! Every bit helps. And now you can stress a bit less as you continue to be The Queen of Fibro! 🙂

    • OOOh! Didn’t know that – how do I find out where I’m up to with PBS? I know that I’ve hit the medicare threshold – so that’s good (in a bad sort of way).

      Anyway, you can address me as Your Majesty.

      • Of course, Your Majesty!
        I’ll write it here in case any Aussies need the info. If you don’t a Health Care Card, the threshold has been increased to $1363.30 (don’t you love the 30c!). If you’ve always gone to the same chemist, it’s easy. They can print out what you’ve bought since Jan. If it’s a great chemist, they’ll tell you when you’ve reached your free stage. If you’ve gone to different chemists, you should have a record card they all stock, and they’ll put a sticker for every PBS purchase and you just keep adding it up. Worst case scenario is you have to go back to every chemist you’ve used if you’ve been a “chemist slut” like me and get separate printouts if you didn’t start the tear with record card. Someone told me that they rang Medicare and got their balance info., but they told me they don’t do that!? So who knows. Always worth keeping an eye on both Medicare and Centrelink sites for news. That’s how I found out about the dental allowance. No one told me, and it turns out to be over $4000 worth of free dental care!

  7. I love that! I believe our loved ones are looking down over us. I was having a bad day today and tonight my Husband brought in a package from Austrailia. It had Fibromed on it and I was so excited to get my pin and everything else. Do you have bumper stickers with the same saying as the refrigerator magnets? Anyway you made my day. Thankyou for your site for all of us. So happy to hear your good news waiting for a hearing on my SSDI. Also appealing my LTD with my previous place of work. It’s been 17 months now since I quit working. It feels like forever and I feel like I am just getting worse and weaker all the time. But I will persevere!

  8. I would love pins with “What part of chronic pain …” and “… I lied”. Just sayin’, Your Majesty. 🙂

  9. Congrats on getting approved that is wonderful news!! I am struggling here myself, appealing my first LTDI claim denial and still enduring the “jumping through hoops” portion and it is stressful beyond belief, supposed to ponder going back to work for Sept; but I am just feeling like crap… don’t much know; but I do know I plan on fighting the fight and see how things go, it is tough living in a line of credit…..but I try to maintain hope….congrats to you!!

    • Keep going, sweetheart! I don’t know what it all entails in the States, but the more we can jump through these hoops, the more accepted our condition will be by officialdom.

      I buried my head in the sand in regards to living on credit. There is no other choice, sometimes. I know this isn’t the responsible, grown-up thing to do; but there was nothing I could do about it. I just had to hope that something would come along before the credit ran out.

      Fight the fights that you need to fight now. Stressing over the credit cards isn’t going to make it better – so why bother! (I know – easier said than done).

  10. So glad for you my dear, you deserve it for all you do for us xx

  11. Danielle Huertas

    Congratulations!! Tears of joy for you:) I totally believe in flower power!! My mom was a gardner and I have flowers of hers in my garden and she visits me often!!

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