It’s My Life!

Woah! Really busy for me out in the real world – there is actually a life for me beyond Fibromyalgia Awareness…

As you know, last night was my fabulous shiatsu massage; but, before that, I had a very-overdue botox injection (or lots of little ones) across my forehead: Botulinum toxin, commonly referred to as Botox®, is well-known for its cosmetic use to eliminate glabellar lines, the frown wrinkles between the eyes (which is fabulous) frown_lines_beforeyet it can also relieve migraine-type headache, muscle tension headache, or chronic daily headache. Results can be dramatic. Some patients (about a third) who have suffered from daily headaches for years report being free of headaches for two to five months; so I’m hoping (at least) some of my head pain will disappear.

After that, it was an appointment with my lap-band doctor – basically unnecessary because, during this whole month, despite hardly eating because of teeth pain, I only lost 400 grams (that’s a poo!). Hopefully, after this whole ‘Lyrica-weaning’ process, I will start to lose some (much un-needed) weight!

Driving Miss DaisyToday I was lucky enough to receive my very belated birthday present – a matinee performance of Driving Miss Daisy with Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones. I had seen the movie (a very, very long time ago – after googling it, the movie was around 1989 so I was 18) but I really didn’t remember the entire Jewish storyline, only the black racism. It was pretty damn cool and I had a (very uncomfortable) seat in the second row (that’s from the front!)

And now, tomorrow, it is Z’s 3rd birthday party (so I’ll see my father for the 1st time since The Letter) – he decided to have a gardening party with minimal decoration (BUM!) but I did what I was allowed to:

hungry caterpiller (window)hungry caterpiller


His real birthday is on Tuesday so I prepared a treasure chest of presents…

chest closed chest opened

and decorated the spare-room at my house for when he sleeps over.

view from door full view

We’re going to the Zoo!

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  1. I was also 18 in ’89! lol Love the decorations! Ü You did a good job Ü

  2. Wow you are fantastically fabulous at decourating !! You really have a talent. Are you professional ??? You have inspired me to look into shiatsu and even suggest to my partner it might be a cool thing for him to learn. He loves Japanese medicine/healing and was thinking of doing a sports massage course. Courses are massively expensive though. On the lyrica thing. How much weight did you gain and over how long ??? My specialist wants me weaned off gabapentin and to try lyrica. Main reason for me was not enough symptomactic relief and a 17lb weight gain in just 6 months. You sound like your having fun and that’s lovely to hear. Hope the meeting with your father turns out ok.
    Loads of love Kelly

    • I actually gained weight while trying to find the right anti-depressant but I am finding it impossible to lose any weight on Lyrica (despite major diet change!) Give it a try…it takes a while to get used to it (you will filltotally out of it for a while) – but it may work perfectly for you.
      Good luck!
      P.S. My father ignored me.

      • Thanks sweetie. Omg how dreadful for you ! I hope you didn’t speak to him to be totally ignored and humiliated ! Don’t worry you have a great mother and a gorgeous nephew. Thanks for the advice. I shall let you know how I go with lyrica once I’ve weaned off gabapentin and also recovered from my hip replacement (this Thursday) xxx

  3. I love the decorations – you are a kid at heart, aren’t you? (it takes one to know one!) =oD It looks like it was a lot of fun!

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