Just Lovin’ This (NOT!)

Day 3 – Spent the morning with The Kid, until after we both had a nap.

No change in medication today but severe nausea (only after nap). Mommy asked if it was because of the change in medication? How would I know – it could be the FM itself, the medication, something I ate, etc. Don’t you just love this condition!

And now my tummy (and bottom) are very upset! Hmm…too much information?

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  1. OMG I really DO know what you’re going through. It’s hell on earth. And I have time today to think about how you’re sufferring I’m because I’m taking a day off myself to get “recalibrated”. Fibro: the condition that just keeps on taking. Hang in there. It WILL pass.

  2. I have had an issue with nausea lately, too – I blamed the change in medication & my doctor looked at me like I was nuts! Like you said – it could be anything =oP I hope it goes away soon!!!

  3. I so understand the couch or bed thing. I have had problems with my tendons in my feet. Shots, big black boot on left and both feet in wet type cast. this is been goin on for over a month, Some people said it could be my meds, But which one? Out of the 13 pills, I am still in pain does that make sense and the depression is still here knocking on my door! I am so done being every doctors pin cushion and pill tester! This is so upsetting, God be with all of u,

  4. I so understand too! My IBS swings in that direction, and I actually just got over a 3-day run with it. Mint tea helps settle the belly and the gas after. Any kind of mint, I prefer the flavor of a mix. Give it a try, at the very least it will be soothing to the nerves, Hang in there, it will pass!

  5. I don’t think that there are any of us who haven’t been on the medication merry-go-round or roller coaster how ever you may see it. It sucks..there is no two ways about it. What ever the reason may be its just been a bad few days all over. It was a 101 at 9pm here in blistering California and with the heat comes a lot of pain more so than in the cold “that damn temp. thing” never find a comfortable anything. I hope things get better for you soon. I am thinking of you and sending you lots of good wishes so that you will be able to enjoy your Holiday Your friend Lori

  6. Danielle huertas

    I hope you feel better soon lady, wish I could help:(

  7. Just know that on any given day you are not alone!!! You will feel better! But what you say is so true…I always hesitate with new aches and pains because it “might just be the fibro”…

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