La ♫ La ♪ La…Lyrica(l) Lullaby

So it’s been a week since Whatever…Nothing! – that means the first week of Lyrica weaning is over.


I can’t say that I’ve noticed much change: I had some huge headaches and face pain but that can be blamed on a cracked tooth that now needs a crown (bloody! bloody!); I had a couple of totally fogged out days but that was nothing really different; and today, I had an amazingly great day – just because sometimes (and hopefully more often), that just happens.

I think tonight’s reduction may make more of a change because it’s a reduction of the night dose. If Lyrica is as good at helping us sleep as they say so, then I may start experiencing some trouble. Of course, I hope not and I’m really not expecting any trouble…yet!

Week 3 (and onwards) scares the hell out of me…and you’ll get to hear ALL about it (hee! hee! Lucky you!)

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  1. I have cracked and broke 2 crowns in just the last year. I told my chiropractor about breaking the crowns and he checked my bite and did an adjustment on my jaw. I couldn’t believe the difference. It helped my head, temple, jaw, and neck pain, tremendously. My jaw has never felt better along with my bite. He was the first chiropractor to ever check and adjust my jaw. I was so happy and could smile so easily after the adjustment.

    • I’ve never been to a chiropractor – kinda scares me…

      • Just do your research as you would for any doctor. In this lifetime, I have come to realize that just because a person has the title, “Dr.” doesn’t make them qualified to practice medicine, dentistry, therapy, chiropractics, psychiatry, and so on. Referrals are nice if you can get them, but most important trust your gut. I couldn’t live without my chiropractor. The chiropractor helps me manage the fibro with less medication. They have different ways of adjusting from the manual thrusting to using instruments that are gentle and less scary. I have found that the gentler method on certain areas of my body is better for my fibro and does not result in a rebound flare of tight muscles. There are probably some articles and youtube videos on the internet that can shed more light on this subject of chiropractics and treating fibromyalgia. There are also different types of adjustments and methods, for example– Atlas Orthongonal, the Palmer Method of Chiropractics, etc. Chiropractics has been around for over 100 years so it must working. It may be worth a try — check it out 🙂

  2. why are you coming off of it?

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