Looking HIGH for Some Pain Relief

With the article about 1 in 8 FM patients using marijuana, there has been a lot of talk about it’s use – legally and morally; but what if there were no ‘high’ associated with cannabinoid use for relief of pain? Without the suspicion that pain patients really want cannabis for ‘recreational’ purposes, would there be fewer stigmas? And would pharmacological research, drug development, prescribing practices, and patient relief forge ahead?

The Tikun Olam company in Israel, after years of cross-breeding, with no genetic engineering involved, have developed a strain of marijuana reported to be virtually free of the psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabinoid, and also very high in the anti-inflammatory CBD (cannabiodiol) cannabinoid.

So while the receptors in the pain and pleasure centres of the brain are not being stimulated (so you’re NOT getting high), those receptors will be responding to the anti-inflammatory CBD, or so it is proposed.

Reportedly it has already been tried with good results by a select group of patients to ease symptoms of chronic illness such as pain and nausea. These are people who have a physician’s prescription for medicinal cannabinoids and want symptom relief, but also want to stay functional if they can – so consider THC’s effects on the pleasure centres an unwanted side effect.

Dubbed “Avidekel,” the new strain has been tested on mice in the lab, and human clinical trials are expected in a few months, according to Professor Emeritus Ruth Gallily, PhD, a researcher specializing in study of inflammatory processes and anti-inflammatory cannabinoids at Hebrew University.

Is Avidekel the most promising high-CBD medical marijuana strain in the works today? But, FibroMAGICians, don’t hold your breath – there is still a lot of testing to be done before it reaches us!

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  1. Well I must say that transmutation of marijuana to avoid the stigma is seriously a waste of valuable resources that could be better spent in researching a “cure” for FM suffers. When marijuana is used medicinally you don’t be HIGH as you say but there is definitely a relief in the pain threshold and life can be a little more tolerable especially during those bad days or flares. It is the same with pain killers of all sorts when taken as used as prescribed there is no addiction and when the pain goes away there is no with drawl like with recreational use. Society looks down on things that it does not understand and this condition is one of those things. I believe that there is help for us all some things that work for some don’t work for others and so on… I quit smoking for 9years and the suffering i had because of it was intense but I was trying to conform to the social norm which I have since decided I never fit into any way. I say if it helps ‘whatever” it is go for it. Life is to short to live by someone else standards. Need more Reiki it is by far the best pain relief I have found to date. Always here hoping for better day for us all!!! Oh yeah and nights too they”re the worst. Lori

  2. I think putting some research into finding relief for chronic pain sufferes along with a cure is definitely not a waste of resources. To put all resources into finding cures without providing some kind of temporary relief before the cure is discovered (which usually takes a very long time) is just inhuman. I’m glad I have something to relieve or minimize my pain or I think i would be driven completely insane by the torture of the pain…end up hurting someone else or myself in the end. I’m sure the resources put into Reiki wasn’t a valuable waste of time.

    I’m grateful for the information in this blog. I had tried marijuana as a relief but didn’t enjoy the ‘high’ that came along with it. Using it didn’t last long for me. But if they have removed the ‘high’ factor, I would definitely consider giving it another try. I have a low tolerance for medications, they hit me harder than the average person, so it is even difficult for me to take medications or the dosages I should be taking. My doctor always has to give me the lowest dosage that would be affective or I can’t take it. I have tested many medications to relieve my fibromyalgia and most times I end up with just advil or tylenol which hardly touches the pain most days.

    So this could be an amazing discovery for me and anyone in the same situation as I am. This could be the relief some have been searching for.

    Thx for this blog!!


  3. redheadboxermomma

    I’m not a user of marijuana, but I’d use it too, especially if I could stop taking some of the painkillers that have side affects. I’d even welcome the buzz,especially on the days when I want to scream. To be completely relaxed – mind and body – for a few hours would seem like heaven.

    There are many plants that have medical uses and they have been used for hundreds, thousands of years. Some have psychedelic affects (moon flowers spring to mind). My opinion: marijuana should be legalized, but regulated in the US, just like alcohol. Sweden, Norway have legalized it and it boosted the economy by a billion dollars. So,instead of spending money to stop this non-drug drug, flip it and have it be a cultivated crop.

    I’m stepping down off my soap box now. .

  4. redheadboxermomma

    Lee, I feel for you. Have you tried essential oils? Young Living makes some great blends and has a fantastic handbook on their usage. Panaway is the one I use for pain, especially migraines. Lavendar is my best friend for relaxing, tea tree oil or Thieves oil for cleaning, peppermint for stomach problems. Put a few drops of Citrus Blend, Lemon, Grapefruit in a glass of ice water and sip it through the day. Good for the stomach,

    I don’t use YL products that much anymore (they are expensive) and purchase “off” brands of oils that work just as well.

    There is also a line of homeopathic drugs that work well for me – Zeel, Heal, and Traumeel, which is the pain killer blend. Topical treatments like Biospot work nice for me too. Great on my shoulders, neck, upper back, arms. They make a roll-on so applying it is a breeze.

    Good luck


    • I do use some oils that I have used for many years, but I also suffer from migraines from scents. Lavendar, although it is a wonderful scent, triggers a migraine (most floral scents do for me). But, tea tree and eucalyptus have helped me many times. I will check into more to find scents that don’t trigger a migraine for me…I’m sure there are some. I will also check into your other suggestions, they sound great!! Thank you so much for the information.


  5. Wow I have Fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Osteoarthritis & thats just for openers lol. I have been asking that question for a few years now. If there is a strain of Marijuana that deals with pain etc but doesn’t get you high. Including the Compassion club. I’m on Health Canada’s MM program, and that would be fantastic news to be able to get that. fingers crossed that it passes and gets to the patients soon. Thanks for sharing this 🙂


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