Making the Invisible VISIBLE!

We have over 700 members of the VISIBLE Army at the moment. Not all members use their photo as their profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and that’s understandable.

visible army butterfly

BUT I am asking everyone to upload their VISIBLE Army photos to their profile picture on the 12th of EVERY month, until May, when we do it for the whole month of May (International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is May 12), to encourage and support Fibromyalgia Awareness.

No VISIBLE Army photo? Join now by following the instructions; or, if you are having a problem with the template, message me, with a photo, on my Facebook page.

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  1. I’m passing your message on BUT I’m not sure why you need the photos uploading EVERY month untill May. Can you please explain this? Sorry, but it’s 12th tomorrow and I’m not sure what to do!!!

    • Hi Stella,
      Personally, I would love EVERYBODY to have the picture as their profile photo EVERY DAY but not everyone is as immersed in being a Fibro Fighter; so it was my idea (a compromise?) to have everyone use the photo on the 12th of each month until May, when we all keep it up for the whole month to spread support of International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day (May 12th)

  2. I posted it on Facebook!
    How do we know who else did?

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