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I have a new theory so this is the beginning of my very un-scientific research…

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  1. I’ve long held the theory that this is a REACTIVE condition, so it would be interesting to see polls of who also has:
    Irritable Bowel: REACTIVE
    Irritable Bladder: REACTIVE
    Asthma: REACTIVE
    Restless Legs: REACTIVE
    General Twitches: REACTIVE
    (Both the above thankfully helped by Mega Magnesium)
    Chronic TMJ issues: REACTIVE
    Muscle Spasms: REACTIVE
    Sensitive Teeth/Mouth: REACTIVE
    Allergies in general: REACTIVE
    Interesting, isn’t it? It points more and more to brain receptors, I feel.
    Anyway, it will be interesting to see the poll results. And are there any more reactive conditions I’ve missed? BTW, I mention them all from personal experience!

  2. Wow I identify with all there are so many that the one I thought of might skin sensitivities.

    • Yes, definitely! When I was first tested for Fibro about 25 years ago, one of the things they did was run a fingernail (moderate pressure) across the skin on my inner arm. Immediately the scratch came up flating red. It’s a Fibro sensitivity test. Try it on yourself and people without Fibro. Fascinating how their skin doesn’t flare up into a welt.

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