Hypermobility in School Children

It appears that joint hypermobility may play a part in causing the pain of FM.

An Israeli study looked at 338 children (179 boys, 159 girls; mean age 11.5 years, range 9-15 years). Of the 338 children, (and according to the 1990 American College of Rheumatology criteria for the diagnosis of FM) 21 (6%) were found to have FM; 43 (13%) joint hypermobility; 17 (81%) of the 21 with FM had joint hypermobility and 17 (40%) of the 43 with joint hypermobility had FM. (The blind assessment of joint hypermobility and FM were carried out independently.)

4573321162This study suggests that there is a strong association between joint hypermobility and FM in schoolchildren. It is possible that joint hypermobility may play a significant part in causing our pain. These results could lead to earlier diagnoses and much quicker treatment for all FM sufferers.

But as always, the researchers have said that more studies are needed to establish the clinical significance of these observations.

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