Pain? Blame it on the Brain!

A study from researchers at the University of Michigan and Pohang University of Science and Technology has revealed evidence that fibromyalgia patients have hyper-sensitive brain networks that multiply pain. It’s a phenomenon called explosive synchronization.

“For the first time, …research shows that the hypersensitivity experienced by chronic pain patients may result from hypersensitive brain networks,” Dr Richard Harris, an associate professor of anaesthesiology at the University of Michigan, said.

Researchers studied electrical brain activity in 10 patients with fibromyalgia. Baseline electroencephalograph readings showed hypersensitive brain networks and a correlation between explosive synchronization conditions and self-reported levels of pain.

Computer modelling to compare stimulus responses to normal responses showed that the fibromyalgia model was more sensitive than the model lacking explosive synchronizations.

The results of the study could lead to testing for brain regions that could transform a hypertensive network into a more stable one, Harris said.

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