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What is Fibromyalgia?

International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is on May 12th but here, in Australia, people say “Fibro-My-What?”

We NEED to continue to spread awareness of this debilitating condition – not only on Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.

All the names and faces in this video are real people who suffer with fibromyalgia everyday.
…Not one of them looks that much different from you.

Most days, I get a message or comment from some-one who is lacking support from their nearest and dearest. Sometimes, it’s because you hide your pain, or you haven’t asked for help. Sometimes it’s because they just don’t get it.
I made this video because I am lucky enough to have a Mommy who loves me and tries to understand. (Sometimes I’m not so sure about the rest of the family.) But, because of this, these messages/comments upset me so much. Friends and family are supposed to be there for whenever you need them.
I’m hoping that presenting these people with this video might help.

And for a little bit of fun…

I wonder every day what it was I did to deserve this condition…
How about you? 

My wish for every day…



  1. Great Blog, will try and put a link to mine.
    Thought you might like a look at my latest poem on M.E and how this disease doesn’t break your life, it continually, hourly, tares it up in front of you….something I understand is the same with Fibromyalgia – some overlapping symptoms.
    – Getting the reality of these acute and chronic conditions
    over to people – a mission statement- !

  2. Do you have any brochures in Black and white… or with little purple? I know the purple is attention-getting.. but will use up Magenta printer ink fast. I already ran out of magenta after printing the posters. These are great, btw.. you go girl!

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  4. Rachel Miller on behalf of Dr. Cindy Summers

    Hi Simone,

    I came across fibromodem while scanning the internet for fibromyalgia support groups. I wanted to know where you are based out of? Iam contacting you on behalf of Dr. Cindy Summers in North Hollywood, CA. She is trained in the neurologic relief protocol which very efectively treats

  5. Oops, hit the wrong key! Neurologic relief (as I started to tell you) very effectively treats fibromyalgia / CFS as well as many other difficult medical conditions.
    Dr. Summers is currently offering free testing to see if you would be a good candidate for the protocol. If you would like to know more I’d be happy to get the information to you as well as your followers.
    I am looking forward to hearingfrom you.

    Warmest regards,

    Rachel NMiller

  6. I can’t get to the page, is say error

  7. Hey! My name is Michelle Goins , and I want to sell T-shirts for Fibro Awareness Day! I hadn’t found anything that I had found that really ” caught me” until now! I like the Campaign