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2010-09-29-beetleAm I the only one who talks about poo?

One of our favourite (NOT!) symptoms of FM is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). New research has shown that IBS may be tied to abnormal brainstem function. UCLA researchers used functional MRI to monitor women’s brainstems while using a balloon-type device to cause rectal distention. Before distention, they’d give the women a visual cue.

The women in the control group had a significant drop in brain activity after the visual cue, which the researchers say is a “down-regulation of pain-signalling systems.” You know how you prepare yourself for an injection – this is how your body prepares itself for pain it knows is coming and also knows isn’t dangerous.

However, the brains of women with IBS didn’t have the same activity drop-off, which researchers say shows they can’t stave off expected pain like most people can. The IBS group also had stronger brain reactions during distention.

It was concluded that the brains of some pain patients react differently to pain than ‘normal’ people, though (once again) they say more research needs to be done. “If we can identify receptors and genes associated with these abnormal brain responses, we should improve both identification of predisposed patients and development of effective remedies,” says Emeran A. Mayer, M.D., who worked on the study.

Researchers say their findings could also help uncover underlying causes and possible treatments for fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.


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  1. Good Evening Purple Lady
    I enjoyed reading your post above. I can relate to what you are gooing through. I ‘ve been on 20mls’ of ketamine per hour for the past 3 days now and I feel like I’m A migapixel in the big screen of 5000mega pixels. Every thing seems to be mutiplied by millions and so vivid. Just a small thing Purple lady I have fond memories of past experinces whilst on ketamine and laugh at my thoughts and feleings etc, When i watch a movie or Tv program I often feel as if I’m in the setting/scene until a nurse walks in the room and reliease I’m not LOL. bbbbbbbut I think it is worth it. Looks as if I will be in for 10+ days so My Specialist can do some nerve blocks in my Left thigh and lower back before I go home. All is good must be positve. Keep your spirits up .

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