Quick Update…and it’s over! Amazing News at the End.

Little pink envelopes and email sent.

Return email:

The two items I mentioned were only a sample of your rhetoric. There are many other items that you mentioned that also need apologies. In saying that you only want to discuss the letter with me, shows me your lack of respect you have for Yvonne, as its your attitude towards us that has caused most of your problems. The way we relate to each other has a lot to do with your attitude towards us, and I will only discuss the letter if Yvonne is present, as I have shown her all the recent e-mails. 

Yvonne & Dad. 

PS: We both don’t quite understand one of your statement in your last paragraph namely, what does “choosing me” mean ?? 

And that’s it…it’s over. All my compromising is done. No more responses…ZIP!

And now for the good news…

Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek announced today that the government would subsidise pregabalin (Lyrica) through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

“This listing will be a great relief to hundreds of thousands of Australians who suffer from chronic nerve pain,” Ms Plibersek said. “It can be so debilitating that it affects people’s capacity to work and go about their daily lives.”

Pregabalin is the first PBS listing specifically for the condition, which has a variety of causes and symptoms.


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  1. Hi Simone. I so enjoy your blog and being part of the group of photos. ( tired can’t think this morning what it is called) I smile every time I see a cartoon and a post. In other words I feel like I am your friend and you have many across the Globe because of your efforts. I believe that Fibro is partly caused by Stress. The stress we go through with family dynamics when we are growing up is a big part of that. If you don’t mind I would like to tell you a story.
    I was 2 1/2 years old when my Mother dies suddenly. She was 7 1/2 months Pregnant. I have 2 older brothers also. We lost her band the new brother that day. They couldn’t find a reason why she died so they called it natural causes. She was only 26 yrs old. I come from a large family and we moved In with my Paternal Grandparents. My Mother had been born late in life to her parents so they came to see us frequently. My Grandpa would always say where’s my little girl? I had a lot of extra attention from everyone both sides of my family. I realize now my 2 older brothers felt somewhat left out. They were pretty brutal to me as we grew up. A year after our Mother died our Dad married again. My parents were the same age and my new Mom was 5 yrs younger than my Dad. A little over a year later a new little brother was born and in the next 8 years 3 more brothers and 2 sisters cam along. Being the oldest girl and 5 years older than the next sibling, I became the built in Babysitter. I remember when my 3 youngest siblings were all in Diapers (cloth) it was like an assembly line get ing them all changed. 🙂 we lived on a Dairy Farm so basically it was great growing up. BUT, I was never allowed to talk about My Mother. It upset my new Mom. I was 15 before I found out when her birthday was. I suffered from Major Depression the first time at age 12. No one could figure out what was wrong with me. I just said I was fine. I had a lot of problems in school, as well as socially. Later in life after having more episodes of Depression I recognized what I had gone through at 12, 16,19, etc. I loved my 2nd Mom but I never really bonded with her. We had a big disagreement I had confided in an Aunt a sister of Mother about some of the things I was going through. My Brothers made my life a living Hell and the responsibilities of the younger ones, chores, my parents not understanding all came out. Well my Aunt is one nervous Nellie. She went overboard and told a few people she thought I was being mistreated. Technically I was but when it got back to my parents they blew. Mom approached me one day after school saying I never want you to do anything for me again very emotionally and tearfully and left the house. My Dad came in and I asked what was wrong. He said I don’t care what you think your problems are but your Mother is my first concern and basically told me I didn’t matter. It caused a whole bunch of new problems with my older brothers and they told me in a lot of ways I didn’t matter. Lots of Drama. Of course it eventually blew over with my parents kinda. There were a lot of things that went on with my Brothers that I never told my parents about and never will. But it all affected me badly. I got married at 19 had my Daughter at 21 and was never able to have another child. My Husband and I have made it 36 years but it hasn’t been easy and almost didn’t make it past 12. Too many stories to go into about my life. My Mom died when I was 30 from cancer she was 49 yrs old. In 5 yrs my 2 Youngest Brothers ages 12 and 18 were killed in Accidents and Mom made 3. My father remarried 3 months later because he didn’t want to be alone. She’s a wonderful person and I love her. We had grown up with her and her family and knew them well. She had been a widow for 2 years but it was hard. Once again I felt like I didn’t matter because my Dad was all caught up in his new life and they gravitated more toward her kids and family. That next year I ended up in the Hospital 4 times for major Depression. My Husband was tired if me and wanted a divorce and only by the grace of God and good Church Leaders we made it past that. It was good in a way because I think our Marriage could get through anything now. He is a blessing to me and takes care of me. I have to lean on him so much.
    To try to make a long story shorter. One of the times I was in the Hospital a Nurse came in my room and said your a problem is that though you were raised in a somewhat dysfunctional family you were raised with a big Secret. You had a Mother and you couldn’t talk abut her. Wow it hit the bullseye. My Father wasn’t very understanding about my depression at the time. I tried to talk with him but he really didn’t listen he wanted to tell me how it was my fault I was depressed and psychiatrist were a bunch of quacks that always blamed the parents blah blah blah. Somehow I have muddied through the years. My Dad and Stepmom have been married over 25 years. They have pictures all over their house of all spouses something that was never done before. My Dad will talk about my Mother now but he doesn’t remember her as well. It’s like too little too late. Our relationship has grown over the last few years. My relationship with my brothers has also grown over the years. About 3 years ago after I had gone through an accident and broke my ankle in 3 places which was like the straw that broke the camels back, I started to feel like my Father really loved me and cared about me. I have gotten way worse since then and had to quit working an my Father has been very caring and more attentive. I know he always loved me but now I feel it.
    Sometime it just takes time. But it’s obvious that your father Is influenced by his wife or partner and some things may never change. He may not be able to understand what you are going through and just has to make peace with Yvonne. I would just stop trying to push the issue its obvious he isn’t open at this time and he may never be. But make peace with yourself. Tell him you love him when you can and avoid anything else because it will just make you miserable. Choose yourself. Love yourself. You are so lucky to have a great Mom. Cherish that relationship and realize your Dads problems are not yours and let go. Believe me I know how hard it is.
    Simone you have many friends all over this year who so appreciate you for what you do and the humor, advice, articles and understanding you bring into our lives. Keep up the good work.
    Thank you
    Devera Sanders
    Pronounced Devra 🙂

    • Devera, I think (I hope) I am now up to that stage where what will be, will be. I’m just going to leave it alone.

      Part of this all came from going to a funeral two days ago, and my Mommy said that she would hate that the next time my I saw my father was in this situation. But right at this moment, I wouldn’t even go to his funeral (although I’d probably go later privately); and this makes me cry.

      Than, again, reading everyone’s comments here (and on recent posts), has made me cry for the last hour.

      Thank you for sharing with me.

  2. I meant to say all over this World not year 🙂

  3. I know I’m so chatty today but I wanted to say this. My Sisters never call me anymore because they don’t want to hear about how I am doing. THey ask me how I feel and I tell them and they really don’t want to hear something bad. My 2 older brothers are more attentive but my oldest brother is great. I hardly ever hear from the youngest brothers as they are so wrapped up in their own families and businesses. I really feel left out in so many ways. Last year we had a family reunion and since my Mobility stinks I had to sit in an ergonomic chair and watch everyone else walk around and talk. I couldn’t walk around and had to wait for them to come to me. That didn’t happen much. There was a bigger extended reunion later that year and I chose not to go. I was not going to let myself be hurt again. I am working on getting a motorized Wheelchair in the effort to get some independence back. Then maybe I will go again. I miss my Sisters so much they are 8 and 11 years younger than me. I felt like I had waited a long time for Sisters and even longer for them to grow up and be friends instead of pests :). I know they care but can’t realize the fact I will never be well. Chronic means forever. They don’t know how to handle that so they avoid me. You can’t choose your family but they still are the most important thing in your life. But not more important than yourself. I am working on making this better and hope I have the time. We live with our Daughter made her walk out basement into an apartment for us. She is expecting our 5 th Grandchild in Feb and has 2 foster sons also. We are bursting at the seams. But I am so grateful to have them so close. She helps me get to the Dr and the Store when my Husband is working. One thing I always dreamed about having my Grandchildren close. So life isn’t all bad with family. 🙂

  4. Hiya, just wondering if you had any idea as of what date lyrica was going to be available to people. I stopped it a couple of months ago and have been on a downward spiral since, but don’t want to drive a 200km round trip to my gp to find out it isn’t available yet.

    I have tracked down the release from the health minister and checked on the PBS list but neither have a date and the latter hasn’t been updated since the 7th November.

    Just was wondering if you may have heard something in your travels.

  5. I am the youngest of two.
    Always compared to the older one
    Never good enough
    Always told I should do better next time
    Always going to and dong thing for them

    Finally woke up 12 yeard ago. They add no value to MY life. Made the cut and been a happy little camper since.
    Sometimes it better to focus on what you have and worry less about what you wish you had…

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