Somedays by Lisa Fulham


Somedays it’s easier

To believe the bad stuff

The cruel words

The harsh tones


Somedays the darkness is all I see

Light is but a distant memory

Hope only comes

In the form of hopelessness


Somedays my loudest screams

Are torn from me in silence

Words loose meaning

So I crawl into myself


Somedays my only option is to hide

Hide all the hurt I’m feeling inside

How can I expect others to understand

When I don’t understand myself


Somedays my inner turmoil

Brings me to my edge

The gravity of depression

Pulls me into a downward spiral


But somedays

The pain feels lessened

The voice of sorrow seems quieter

The darkness isn’t such a void

And my words begin to have meaning once more


Somedays I see a glimmer

Of who I used to be

I hear the echo of laughter

From times gone by

My smile tries to curl

The edge of my mouth


Somedays I know I need to talk

Find the root

Of where the darkness came from

Find the path

That leads to the light


Somedays I hold out my hand

And say the word that fears me most



Those days I feel i’m at my weakest


These days I feel I’m the strongest I have ever been

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  1. You’ ve captured the despair of depression and laid it bare on paper. Brilliant.

  2. What a great poem, so expressive of the walk we chronics walk. Depression and chronic illness go hand in glove in my experience.

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  4. I empathize… and reposted.

  5. Wonderful, heartfelt, poem. I know I’m not alone in this struggle.

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