Sometimes a Duck is…

So, it’s Winter in Australia – not as cold as some places but, still, too cold for me.

I have been suffering from intense pain in my rib-cage and chest. The aching and stabbing pain felt like I had broken and bruised ribs.

Bloody hell! I thought, it’s that awful costochondritis AGAIN!!!

For over a week, every morning I was waking up in extreme pain. It seemed to dissipate by the time it was bed-time. But then, it would all start again.

After a week of agony and really cold weather, I finally realised that I was sleeping all curled up, in the foetal position, and it was my own elbows causing all that pain!

Sometimes a duck is just a duck!

117. fibro duck

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  1. Here’s some quackery for you. ‘spose stress tenses the tummy muscles and inhibits diaphragm movement. Only way to get air in becomes inter-costal muscles lifting the rib cage, which flexes the cartilage in the middle. Chest-breathing should be a last gasp resort, interestingly men are predominately stomach breathers. Meditation focuses on the breath & soft bellies for a good reason. HTH

  2. Costo sucks! just saying. I’ve had a few bouts with it myself and it’s never a good time.

  3. Hello my name is Dave Gardner . I live in Nelson New Zealand and I suffer from fibromyalgia. In the past. I have lignocaine infusions and found them to be extremely helpful . How ever The nelson hospital have decided that this is a service they no longer wish to provide. I am struggling to hold down a job and have been on and off a sickness benefit for about the last 5 years . my question is ? Does any one know where I can get a lignocaine infusion in nz
    Cheers Dave

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