Still Working, FibroMAGICians?

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  1. I’m really struggling to answer this question as unlike the majority of FM sufferers I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. It has had it’s ups and downs throughout my life. At the moment I’m a full time student, but feel that because I have the choice more or less when I can study i can schedule tasks around my condition. I don’t feel I would have this kind of flexibility in the workplace unless I was self employed

  2. I can work at our apartment building, can mow the lawn, walk on the treadmill for 30 min.,only if I feel well enough at the time. I can’t imagine getting up early everyday to try and make it to work, especially when so many people do not understand this illness. My sister does it everyday, I know it’s very hard, she has fibro but has not been diagnosed yet. Sometimes I get up early and feel so sick. Can’t stand for long without my feet burning, can sit long without everything going numb, sheesh. I’m in bad shape, but I try to make the most of good days. Good days are good, never great.

    • Hi Cindy,

      I’m very much in the same boat. I feel like i could work on good days – but how do we forecast good days?

      Also I’m sure I could work if I didn’t have to get up, shower, get dressed, drive and park the car, walk from my parking spot to the office building and then walk up the stairs to get to my office. When you dissect it all, it is a hell of alot for a FibroMAGICian to handle!

      I am trying to work out a way that my boss will let me work on some files from home – but he doesn’t like client folders to leave the office. So I’m stuck, too.

      But, Grab the Good Moments!

  3. Hi, I am very excited because I am at a point that I am attempting to go back to work!! I am scared I will bomb this but I am going to try! I have not held a job since 2009 and I am on disability. This is something I have to take on because I want to be the person I am without Fibro…..this takes many steps to try! Wish me luck! I am going to be working out of my home and I think that will help a little. My only real concern is the FIbro FOG and not waking up on time. Although my meds are not perfect I am going to do this making sure to take good care of myself… took some time to get to this point and I am still not sure I am ready but I am going for it!

  4. I think both the pain and fog have kept me from returning to work now that my children are older. I can’t sit at a computer for too long and I can’t be on my feet for too long without experiencing a lot of pain. And the fog…well, it would certainly keep me from taking a job with a lot of responsibility. I can’t be trusted anymore!

  5. I work full time 3rd shift at a gas station/convience store. Standing for 8 hours is hell, but my boss is very understanding, if I don’t get everthng done she is fine with that, at least I try. Working at night is eaier because I can work at my own pace as I am by myself.. By the end of the week and sometimes before when I get home fron work I have to crawl up the stairs to my apt. or have my husband come down and help me up the stairs. Every night is painful but I do what I have to do.

  6. In 1999 I was in a car accident. From that car accident I sustained a life sentence of Chronic Pain in my head, neck & shoulders- Migraine Headaches and Fibromyalgia! Due to all of the above, I am unable to work.

  7. I cannot work anymore due to fibro,and i also have a blood clot disorder that means no physical labor,or a sit down type job for me with a sit down job i am at high risk to throw a blood clot also i have osteo arthritis in my left leg and a back degeneration i am currently trying to get my disability and am going through the process sucks but it is what it is.I worked for 20 years in the health field as a Caregiver/CNA. So i did pay into my Social Security.Its hard to be in pain with these types of illnesses and when people see u just bec u can walk or talk they think u are healthy on really bad days with my leg if i go to a store i take one of those motorized carts u should see the dirty looks i get.I am also the queen of no sleep FM and the others really have taken a toll on me,i used to enjoy working and going out dancing now its all different hard when u can’t do things u used to i try to work out to loose weight and can’t bec i get into a short of breath state when i exert myself,all i can do is stretch as much as i can and try to be up and down alot.

  8. I bec i have no income have to wait on hydro therapy but i think it would be fabulous in fact i have talked to my man about it,we just moved and he is sick right now ugh,but we have to eastablish our budget first and then i can see if we can handle it,we are living on his income and we have a cute house we are gonna be tight for awhile its a little more expensive but we needed the move for his commute,I am in process of disability,but everyone says u get turned down the first time,if i do then at that point i will hire a lawyer for apeals and to push through i don’t have a job and can’t work anymore so thats my job to keep on keeping on until i get my disability,I am doing this for myself bec if something ever happened to my guy i would have no way to live on my own now so before we get married or anything i want to get my disability for awhile bec i need my own money to live off of.One thing all the illness has caused me is my financial independence thats hard for me but us moving to the house even if its in the city (i am a northern Michigan girl)the house is so cute i love it and our cats and us are happy to live in a house not apartment living,we were sick of apartment living and my guy got a promotion and in the same week DR took me off work permanently.Then God knowing how he works blessed us with a house rental that his company owns came up all this before our apartment lease was up.We knew we didn’t want to sign another year,but this rental came up and his company waved deposit for us to move in or we could not have pulled it off.So God has blessed us with alot lately things we never even asked for but God is good that was.His timing is better than ours.I am happy that although i struggle with my health i have a beautiful new home for us to live in.As for being a city girl well i really wish the cute house was on land in the north,but hey i live on the biggest busiest street in grand rapids mi lol and the good thing is everything i want or need is on this street lots of traffic going by on the sidewalk and road tee hee i feel like the green acres lady only its the opposite i prefer the north and had to move to the city lol I know when i complain about my illness i probbly sound like a drag and a complainer,But i am truely a happy person,my illnesses due cause me so much pain but i always try to keep the focus of being grateful for what i have and grateful that i can still walk and talk and know that i am not defined by my diseases but that i am me.I most importantly embrace the days i feel good and prouductive.Gods be to u my dear i enjoy your blogs and am having fun following them.I am also apart of a couple more online groups on facebook.They are Fibro Affirmations,FAZ Upbeats,FAZ Fan Page.They are nice groups too.Have a lovely day,i am gonna try to go and be prouductive today lol we will see how fare i get,I got ambitious ideas but sometime to accomplish them all well that can be a whole different thing so i just strive to do as i can.whatever else will have to wait until another day.

  9. Thanks my purple law lady,he is very supportive we are just financially tight for now,until i can get my disability i will check into the link anyways,now that we are moved,i am gonna start making my jewelry again and making my own greeting cards to sell at a flea market or craft show,i have things almost ready to get started again and enough materials to get me by for awhile so i am gonna work on my plan to get business cards done and start jewelry making and greeting cards for all ocasions,i am good at crafts and i have some friends that want to get into some things like that with me too.These are things i can do on good days i am able to apply some time being creative and designing the jewelry and cards bad days i can’t concentrate enough.All the meds like Lyrica,Cymbalta i cannot take most fibro arthritis meds i can’t take bec of blood clot side effects or can have bad side effects.I can only have Ultram and flexeril for pain,really does not take it away,just eases it some and takes the edge off.I just hope and pray i get my disability soon so i can actually consider hydro therapy i know it would help just don’t have steady affordability right now.Well thanks so much for encouragement with all of it its nice to talk to people who get it:)
    <3 and soft hugs<3

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  11. I’m actually, “Yes I’m still working but not like I used to because it hurts like hell and I feel like I’m going to have to either change jobs or hours or I don’t know what I’m gonna do” My Fibro is progressing at an alarming rate and I’m scared thinking about how it’s going to effect my ability to earn a living.

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