Risk Free Tai Chi

I have previously told you about my experience with Tai Chi – I go to a modified class for Arthritis, held by the Arthritis Foundation. We practice a modified Sun tai chi, which has 12 forms (this info is just so you can understand the next part).

Clinical Rheumatology reported, on May 13 2012, that the Oregon Health & Science University’s Fibromyalgia Research Unit held a randomized controlled trial of 8-form Tai chi to gauge any improvement in symptoms and functional mobility in fibromyalgia patients.

Previous researchers have found that 10-form Tai chi yields symptomatic benefit in patients with FM. The purpose of this study was to further investigate earlier findings and add a focus on functional mobility.

Participants met in small groups twice weekly for 90 minutes over 12 weeks.

Of the 101 randomly assigned subjects, clinically and statistically significant improvements were seen in:

  • pain severity
  • pain interference
  • sleep, and
  • self-efficacy for pain control

No adverse events were noted.

Accordingly, the study reported that tai chi appears to be a safe and an acceptable exercise modality that may be useful as adjunctive therapy in the management of FM patients. Yippee! Tai chi class on Wednesday is still on!