A Stable, Changeless State

Prior to my wonderful boobie experience yesterday, the Centrelink (Social Security department) appeals lady phoned me for more information. We discussed why ‘they’ decided that my condition was not fully stabilised.

Because Mommy and I begged my third rheumatologist (her almost in tears, me with tears dripping down my face) to refer me to rehab (which is costing me a small fortune) and to experiment a little with my medication (I was started on Lyrica back in November and nobody wanted to try anything different before giving up on me and any improvement), my condition is not considered to be fully stabilised.

Supposedly, it doesn’t help that the doctor’s report (from the first rheumatologist) states that he believes that there will be significant improvement within 3 to 12 months (despite telling Mommy and I that there was nothing else he could do for me – how was this improvement supposed to come about, then?)

Then there was the second rheumatologist who decided that all I needed to do was tidy up my ‘sleep hygiene.’

So, I’m up to my third rheumatologist who also thinks he cannot do anything for me, so Mommy and I decided we had to do it ourselves but we still need him (or my GP) for referrals and their prescription pads.

But it appears that for Centrelink to decide that my condition is fully stabilised, I need to give up. I need to remain on my current medication. I need to continue to feel my current pain. I need to lose my train of thought on a regular basis. I need to feel exhausted every day. I need to recoil from daylight. I need to shy away from bright lights at night (and during the day). I need to endure my restless nights. (You get the idea.)

But this is what it seems Centrelink requires from me. The lady told me it wasn’t quite over yet – but don’t get my hopes up.

Lucky me – after that fabulous conversation, I got to have a needle in my boobie (actually three)!