I Have the Antidote!

daffyToday, 85% of patients don’t know about clinical trials. If they do, it’s very difficult to find the right trials because the information that’s available is complicated and confusing. And this means that 80% of clinical trials are delayed or closed due to difficulty finding patients to take part. Medical progress is slowed, and patients continue to wait for answers.


Antidote is leading a collaborative effort to speed up the development of breakthrough treatments and potential cures by making medical research accessible and transparent to all.

What this means is they’re making it easier for researchers to provide patients with information on their studies through Antidote Bridge, and they’re making it simple for patients to find easy-to-understand information on studies that are right for them through Antidote Match. Then, through Connect Network, the first online network of patient organizations, online health portals, and advocacy groups, they’re making sure that all patients know about opportunities to take part in medical research.

By facilitating this flow of information and making these connections, Antidote can accelerate medical research. This is an urgent and bold mission to improve the health of everyone, everywhere – but we can’t do it alone.