It’s a Blooming Miracle!

My grandmother used to have orchids. Every year, they would bloom beautifully and be displayed on the dining room table. In 1983, she died. The orchids stopped blooming. I tried to split them up and re-pot them to encourage them to bloom. My Mommy, uncle and I all got a pot. They didn’t bloom.

Just before my uncle had his operation, my pot grew a stalk. It’s going to bloom! And the operation went well.

Prior to getting my biopsy results, Mommy’s pot grew a stalk. It’s going to bloom! And the results were fine.

Last night, my uncle told me his orchid had sprouted a stalk. Wow! I told him that it must mean our luck was changing and more good things were going to happen.

Well, I have a major headache and I’m feeling totally lethargic. BUT don’t feel sorry for me…I’m just coming down from a massive high (natural, of course!)

I had a doctor’s appointment today, basically for more Centrelink paperwork, (they are just totally unable to organise all the paperwork to be done in one session!) at 3.30pm and was just leaving the house at 3pm when the phone rang. Yes, I answered it. It was the Centrelink lady (remember the one from last week?) Oh, great – just what I wanted: another conversation about how my condition is not stabilised!

BUT guess what? (and you’ve probably guessed considering I started a new paragraph for it) I got my disability support pension (with backpay from January)! Oh my! Giant sigh of relief mixed with joy. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! She did say that Centrelink will check up along the way, in case I get better (I wish!) but that’s it – it’s mine. Thank you!

So yes, I’ve been on cloud nine for a couple of hours, unable to wipe the smile from my face. We (Mommy, my Uncle and I) like to think that my grandmother is watching over us. Corny, yes? But ever so nice.