It’s a Knock Out?

Daiichi Sankyo, a Japanese drug company, is confident it’s struck gold with its’ new drug, Mirogabalin. Daiichi Sankyo believes it will be more potent, have fewer side-effects and be longer-acting than Lyrica. That’s could be a one-two punch combination for many of usmouse who either didn’t derive benefit from the Lyrica or not enough benefit to stay on it.

A major fibromyalgia drug trial is underway in the U.S and Canada. (Want to be part of it? Contact Daiichi using this email – Ninety-four study locations are present in the U.S. and Canada.).

Daiichi Sankyo believes mirogabalin is a significant upgrade on Lyrica. A 2014 study suggested that mirogabalin’s may be 17 times more potent than Lyrica. Both drugs bind to calcium channels that have been implicated in the production of neuropathic pain. Mirogabalin is believed to bind to a calcium channel subunit that has strictly analgesic properties. Lyrica, on the other hand, also binds to another subunit that has central nervous system effects – this is what may be responsible for its side effects.

A 1,000 person U.S./Canadian trial is assessing mirogabalin’s effectiveness in fibromyalgia. The trial makeup – putting the two drugs head to head – indicates Daiichi wants to topple the frontrunner and install mirogabalin as the preferred drug for FM.

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