Today is THE Day!

After dragging myself out of bed yesterday to do a round of expensive, yet very necessary shopping (my 20 year old washing machine blew up; the dryer is about to go (it’s not drying clothes after 1.5 hours); and the microwave can hardly heat milk), my AMEX had a workout but, at least, everything is again under warranty; and it’s the end of the financial year, so I got great bargains. And it will all be delivered and attached on Monday.

So today is all for me – it’s the fund-raising day at EastWest College which means my day will start with my friend, Thais, picking me up and both of us will be stretched and moved about with a Shiatsu massage. Then it’s off to brunch – somewhere where I can find strawberry pancakes with chocolate sauce, I think.

Next Thais will drop me back at the College, where Mommy will have been having her shiatsu, so that both Mommy and I can have some reflexology.

The day does not end there, folks. It’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow, so tonight we’re having a Malaysian feast.

Z knows all about treating yourself.

It’s a very early dinner (5pm) so Z can attend and not be a total sleep-deprived brat. Then, hopefully, Z will return to my house to sleep for the night (giving his mother some well-deserved rest) where he has not been since I put all the glow-in-the-dark stars in his room. I’m hoping to see the delight on his face and sing Twinkle Twinkle ’til he falls asleep. 

There, that will be my magical day. Hopefully all the treat-myself treatments will prepare me for the harder part of time with Z.

Anyone in Melbourne? (Or Need an Excuse to Come to Melbourne?)

I told you about the great shiatsu treatment that I had on Friday; and today, I had a marvellous reflexology treatment  (which I will tell you about at a later time).

The EastWest College is having a fund-raising event on June 24th 2012. All treatments will be $15 – yes, you heard me – $15:

  • $15 for one hour of shiatsu
  • $15 for one hour of reflexology
  • $15 for one hour of massage

Now, there are only two problems:

  1. EastWest College is in Caulfield South, Victoria, AUSTRALIA; and
  2. Places are restricted.

So, if you live in/near Melbourne, or you really need an excuse to come for a visit, the weekend of June 24th is the time to come!