When the Going Gets Tough…

There’s a lot to appreciate in everyone’s life even when things are tough…

One of the most tragic things about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses outside the window.

Dale Carnegie

Who wouldn’t rather be happy than sad, positive than depressed, calm than anxious?

But there’s no difference, in fact, between various emotions. It’s all just energy and the surest way to hold onto negative feelings is to judge them, analyse them or try to pretend they’re not happening. We can’t be cheerful all the time – that’s a plain fact of life – but we can be happy.

Even in the darkest hour, we can find the peaceful sanctuary that lies within each of us.

7520956914_db9ee248daIt’s picking yourself up and dusting yourself off and starting again that counts. I guess it all comes back to balance again – there must be enough in life to make our hearts lift and our spirits soar, whether it be a hug from a friend, a beautiful piece of music, a puppy or a child’s playfulness, the sight of the ocean, trees, flowers, a lover’s smile and so many more.

Conquer Your Fear

Subconsciously, we set tests up for ourselves, especially in areas that we know are our weakest. What we fear, we will always see. If you’re constantly worried about money, you will eventually have a financial crisis to deal with; if you’re afraid of rejection and loneliness, you’ll experience relationship breakdown, and if you’re afraid of tangible things such as a particular insect or object, you will see nothing else. So, the important thing is to conquer your fear before it cripples your life.

If you want to overcome a certain issue or problem, for a while, it will get worse as your negative ego struggles to keep it in a dark place. It’s a test of our resolve – will we cave in or hold strong? If it’s the former, we’re simply not ready so don’t lose heart and if it’s the latter, there will be rewards in the improvements in life that will become clear.

daemon_hammerWe humans seem to like to learn our lessons by being hit over the head by a mallet, instead of gently and effortlessly.

Learning is a lifetime’s occupation and yes, we repeat many lessons as we go along. But we must never get impatient or critical of ourselves, just start again and use the newfound knowledge to do better, feel better, relate better, live happier.

Look for the Gift

Prosperity comes in many forms and sometimes it’s heavily disguised. When life seems at its hardest, that’s when we have to look for the unexpected gift.

Have you seen the movie Serendipity? In it the woman says that in Greece, they don’t write obituaries when someone dies; they just ask one question, ‘Did the person have passion?’ It represents risk, or, taking things to another level, adventure.

See the Magic

What about magic? Is that another wishy-washy concept or something real and tangible? I (try to) always believe that things will come out right in the end – and they generally do. Try to see the magic in ordinary, everyday things; look at the world the way a child does or imagine seeing again after years of blindness.

all around you


When you behave in undesirable ways, feel ‘upset’ or have physical symptoms, ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I doing to create this situation?
  • Are my emotions helping or hurting me?
  • What am I telling myself?
  • What are the facts?
  • Am I exaggerating or distorting?
  • Are there other explanations?
  • How likely are my worries?
  • Whose problem is this really?
  • What have I got to learn from the situation?
  • Am I failing to trust?
  • Am I giving in to negative thoughts?
  • Am I running into the future?

Remember to appreciate your daily blessings and not find a whole lot to criticise about your life, which is really quite wonderful most of the time.

I AM a Very Inspiring Blogger!

Today, for some unknown reason, I have been incredibly anxious and panicky. In fact, I have just taken a Valium, hoping it might calm me down – and normally, I only ever take Valium at night before bed.

inspiringbloggeraward1So, it was a wonderful gift to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Wings Like Eagles in the Desert. I had never previously read this blog but, having had a look around it today, I will definitely be adding it to my list of must-reads.

As always, there are rules to be followed before being able to accept the Award:

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
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7 New Things About Me

  1. I love all things purple (except the bags under my eyes!)
  2. When I was little, I wanted to be a maths teacher, then Prime Minister of Australia.
  3. I killed my first pet (a goldfish) with a lamb chop.
  4. I have visited most of the islands in the Caribbean (having worked on Carnival Cruise Lines) yet have hardly seen any countries on my side of the world.
  5. My favourite number is 16 – This is my date of birth. It is also the only number that I have won anything with – in fact, I won $1,600 on the number 16 on Roulette.
  6. I love Sunflowers – they are the happiest flowers in the world!
  7. I am not just alone – I am lonely

15 nominations

I have tried not to choose ones that have appeared on other people’s lists – not because I don’t like them but so readers can be introduced to new blogs and information…

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He Loves Me…NOT!

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…I will not put a downer, for all of those who celebrate the day, on the actual day – you WILL get a sexy, sassy Valentine’s Day post.

But for those of us (me included) who don’t celebrate the day because we have no-one to celebrate with (not those who just believe it is just another way for Hallmark to make money!), here are some wonderful cards that you might think about sending:

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I had ordered something, for some-one I was hoping would be my valentine, but that went out the window…the only problem was that the gift could only apply to him, so I am sending it anyway with this card:




So, Happy Wednesday to everybody. I hope I was able to put a smile on some of your faces.