Bali Fibro Haven

Just one more sleep and I have to go home…not happy, Jan! I am seriously thinking about moving here – there has been a lot less pain and therefore a lot less pain killers; the warmth is wonderful; the lifestyle is relaxed, and it is really cheap to live here. I found a gorgeous 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa with pool and maid’s quarters (and fully furnished) for about half the price of my 2 bedroom (no pool) unit at home – and I’d need a big house because I am sure that my entire family would suddenly find the time to visit me (OFTEN!)


Maybe I could open a Fibromyalgia Retreat and organise yoga/meditation sessions, Botox injections for TMJ and loads of massages. Anyone want to come?

I figure (with Mommy’s encouragement) that I had better lease here first for a longer period to see if I could really handle being away from family and friends – so when I get home, I’ll be doing some heavy-duty research!

Our last days spent in paradise are being taken up with more massages, a manicure and pedicure for Mommy (I can’t handle them – they hurt!), my eyelash extensions (finally!) and some last-minute sun worship – oh, and a couple of cocktails!

P.S. I won’t miss the #%!!ing rooster!

(Im)perfection in Paradise

Right now, I feel miserable! Yes, I’m still in Bali and it’s warm and the shopping is amazing BUT…You might remember a post I wrote, in June, about Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD).

In the interests of research, and having found a brochure about an anti-aging Beauty clinic (ARC) here in Bali, I decided to try the botox to stop my teeth grinding. (I have only had it done today so I can’t tell you if it’s working yet but I will let you know.) It was $150 for 16 units of Botox – for those who have never tried the stuff, that’s a pretty good price!

Now, here’s where it gets ugly…Then I decided I should top up the botox in my forehead, to stop the squinting headaches, so that was another 16 units. And then, I decided I wanted a more sensuous top lip (I have for a long time but could never afford it) so we pumped in half a millilitre of Restylane in there. Sounds great, right?


I’m not allowed to smoke for 24 hours – which I thought I could handle. Wrong again! Mommy is hiding in her room as she is afraid that I will bite her head off (again!) I am so crabby that I want to hit me!

I think I may have had a reaction to the Restylane as, even after icing immediately afterwards, my top lip keeps growing (like Goldie Hawn in First Wives’ Club). Mommy won’t even take a photo because she thinks one of my family will see it!  It looks like a giant blister BUT I am not stressing out (yet!); I’ll see what happens tomorrow when I wake up.

I have a lit mosquito coil (where my ashtray used to be) next to me but I am still being sucked dry by mozzies. I look like I have chicken pox (an especially attractive sight with my giant top lip!)

Very sunburnt – yes, my own stupid fault ( and goes really well with the chicken pox and giant blister growing on my face!)

Exhausted – sleeping isn’t working here (thank you FM and rooster!) and my well thought-out pacing plans have failed EVERY day.

See? Paradise isn’t perfect.