I remember when life was normal…

When I wasn’t sick
When I had a future so bright
When I loved my job
When I didn’t cry to sleep each night

When I didn’t wake up to a handful of pills
And go to sleep with another
When I had friends who cared
When I was still loved by my father

When going out was fun
When I chose who, when and where
When my highs were high
And I just remained there

When I wasn’t trying to kill myself
By drowning in this self-pity


Another Offensive Four Letter Word

I was watching TV three nights ago, when an ad appeared featuring Toni Collette.


She was reading a poem: Ode to Can.

There’s a four lettered word

As offensive as any

It holds back the few

Puts a stop to the many.


You can’t climb that mountain

You can’t cross the sea

You can’t become anything you want to be.

He can’t hit a century

They can’t find a cure.

She can’t think about leaving or searching for more.


Because Can’t is a word with a habit of stopping

The ebb and the flow of ideas

It keeps dropping

itself where we know in our hearts it’s not needed

And saying “don’t go” when we could have succeeded.


But those four little letters

That end with a T

They can change in an instant

When shortened to three.


We can take off the T

We can do it today

We can move forward not back

We can find our own way.

We can build we can run

We can follow the sun

We can push we can pull

We can say I’m someone

Who refuses to believe

That life can’t be better

With the removal of one

Insignificant letter.


I thought the poem very inspiring, and have spent the last 3  days trying to find the words (would have been easier if I had recorded the ad and transcribed it – oh well!)

I was disappointed to see the ad was for the Commonwealth Bank. Nonetheless, the poem should inspire us.