Let’s Pretend…

Just the other day, Susan from Fibronaut at Home wrote a wonderful post:

Do Something You Love Today

Yes, we hurt.  Yes, we are tired.  We want awareness for all invisible illnesses now.  We want to be able to earn a living, spend time with our loved ones and do everything we used to enjoy before pain and fatigue took over our lives.   Today, just for a little while, let’s pretend.  Let’s pretend we don’t hurt.  Let’s pretend we aren’t tired.  Instead of bemoaning our current existence, let’s imagine that everything is fan-freaking-tastic.  Ignore the housework, ignore the bills, ignore the screaming/whining/fighting kids*, ignore anything that would normally have you pulling your hair out.  Today, we are all going to take a little me-time.

chronic comic 167I am listening to classical music, reading a book and still in my pajamas.  I’m contemplating getting up and getting in the shower, but after that, I have no plans to do any housework.  The dishwasher needs to be loaded and there are three loads of laundry to fold.  The toilet is disgusting and the bath tub has a very unattractive ring.  Today is the first day in over a week that I can see the garden and it is supposed to be over 50°F.  All of the things I “need” to do will be here tomorrow.

What I really need is a day to me.  I need a day without any guilt over what I have or haven’t done, said, thought or felt.  I am clearing my mind of all that, focusing on the music playing and the story I’m reading (Thrown By A Curve by Jaci Burton) and letting everything else go.  After I get the kids home from school, I’m going to work on an apron I’m sewing and that is it.  When my hubby gets home from work, I will NOT immediately assume that he sees the house exactly as he left it this morning and thinks I’m a lazy ass and wonders what I did all day.  I’m going to greet him with a kiss and a smile.  We’ve been married 13 years.  He knows me and he still loves me.  If he didn’t, he wouldn’t still be here.  And who knows?  With all the resting and ignoring of life’s problems I’m doing today, the bedroom door might end up locked while we’re taking a “nap” (wink, wink).  I might as well add doing-the-one-I-love to the doing-something-I-love list.

Shower, listen to music, read, sew, love.  How will you take your me-time?

*Check in with the kids from time to time, just to be sure they are all still alive and accounted for.

271. doing nothing

Me? My me-time is spent just pottering in my little courtyard full of purple pots and purple plants.

My me-time has become restricted by lack of funds but, seeing as we’re pretending, let’s pretend I have some money (not lots and lots, just enough), no pain or fatigue and, while we’re at it, a wonderful partner (Hey! This is fantasy world!):

I would sleep in and wake refreshed (yes! really!) I’d have a full body, warm oil massage, followed by a reflexology session. Then, I’d lay in my comfy bed, very relaxed and read a good book (hopefully – most books that I have been reading have been really good until the end, then they disappoint!) I’d go out to dinner and have fresh falafel, followed by strawberry and nutella crepes (without any subsequent IBS issues) with a wonderful man who I know and love. Then we’d go home, have mind-blowing sex (would I pretend about any other kind?) and, finally, fall asleep spooning!

What about you?