Day 6 in Bali


Day 6 was a (forced) day of relaxation.

As I wasn’t allowed to smoke, sweat or go swimming, I spent most of the day, in air-conditioned comfort, napping on and off (the bags under my eyes are out of control – you will only ever get photos of me in sunglasses from now on!)

4.30pm hit – I’m free! I’m free! I lit a cigarette (apologies to all non-smokers) and yelled out to Mommy, who was still hiding from me –

It’s over!! Let’s get out of here!

Now that I had had a nicotine hit, she emerged from her room and took some photos (to share with you – ssh! None of my family know I did this and, as none of them can be bothered to read my blog, they won’t know!)


It might look painful – but there was absolutely NO pain, just a lot (and I mean a lot) of swelling. There is still some swelling and bruising but it will all be gone before my return to Melbourne. I will have totally kiss-aliscious lips! Now, to find someone to waste them on…any-one got a cute 30-year-old son? (I like younger men!)

I have found that, as long as I drink enough, my headaches have been less frequent than at home; although the ever-present fatigue is still here (even if I don’t go shopping).

Happily, my sunburn has faded (without peeling, so far) to a lovely shade of brown; although there has been no change with the mozzies and the rooster.

Mommy and I went out to an Indonesian/Mexican restaurant which was fabulous – Taco Beach – with a fabulous range of salsa like; mango-pineapple and papaya-lime, as well as the traditional salsa. A fabulous meal, although they need some work on the frozen margaritas!

Then, a walk to work off the meal, except we found an ice-cream parlour – but we ate our ice-cream while walking!

Finally, I said that it was time to go home (see? I’m trying to pace!) and we hopped in one taxi, where the driver tried to rip us off so we flagged down a different taxi. The first dude wanted to charge us 30,000 rupiah (which is actually only about $3) but the fare was actually less than 10,000 rupiah – we gave the second driver 30,000 anyway. I just don’t like it when they try to rip us off!

Bring on tomorrow – I’m getting eyelash extensions!!!



(Im)perfection in Paradise

Right now, I feel miserable! Yes, I’m still in Bali and it’s warm and the shopping is amazing BUT…You might remember a post I wrote, in June, about Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD).

In the interests of research, and having found a brochure about an anti-aging Beauty clinic (ARC) here in Bali, I decided to try the botox to stop my teeth grinding. (I have only had it done today so I can’t tell you if it’s working yet but I will let you know.) It was $150 for 16 units of Botox – for those who have never tried the stuff, that’s a pretty good price!

Now, here’s where it gets ugly…Then I decided I should top up the botox in my forehead, to stop the squinting headaches, so that was another 16 units. And then, I decided I wanted a more sensuous top lip (I have for a long time but could never afford it) so we pumped in half a millilitre of Restylane in there. Sounds great, right?


I’m not allowed to smoke for 24 hours – which I thought I could handle. Wrong again! Mommy is hiding in her room as she is afraid that I will bite her head off (again!) I am so crabby that I want to hit me!

I think I may have had a reaction to the Restylane as, even after icing immediately afterwards, my top lip keeps growing (like Goldie Hawn in First Wives’ Club). Mommy won’t even take a photo because she thinks one of my family will see it!  It looks like a giant blister BUT I am not stressing out (yet!); I’ll see what happens tomorrow when I wake up.

I have a lit mosquito coil (where my ashtray used to be) next to me but I am still being sucked dry by mozzies. I look like I have chicken pox (an especially attractive sight with my giant top lip!)

Very sunburnt – yes, my own stupid fault ( and goes really well with the chicken pox and giant blister growing on my face!)

Exhausted – sleeping isn’t working here (thank you FM and rooster!) and my well thought-out pacing plans have failed EVERY day.

See? Paradise isn’t perfect.