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I am taking up the LIGHT UP the NIGHT Challenge.

The challenge is to get as many buildings as possible in your country to light up with one of the 3 colours used on May 12th – blue, PURPLE or green.

light up the night

Of course, I’m supporting going all out for PURPLE!

We’ll all be winners but there will be bragging rights awarded to the country with the most photos in each of these categories:
1. # of Public Buildings/Places
2. # of Private Residences

What started as a friendly challenge between Canada and Northern Ireland has now grown to be international. This will be the first time Australia has competed, and I have humbly taken the opportunity to co-ordinate on our behalf. All details are available on the Event page.

The contest will be adjudicated by May Twelfth and final results posted on the May 12th International Awareness Day page.

We want public buildings/places like City Halls, Niagara Falls and we want individual homes lit up too!

So far, I’ve contacted the Arts Centre Melbourne (for the Spire), Parliament House and the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Victoria. I have also tried to contact the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We have some other groups looking at places on the Gold Coast to light up.


If you’d like to help,

please TWEET any of these:

  • ❤ to see a PURPLE #sydneyoperahouse for #May12 #Fibromyalgia #Awareness Day #LightUptheNightOz #spoonie
  • ❤ to see a PURPLE @Sydney_Harbour bridge for #May12 #Fibromyalgia #Awareness Day #LightUptheNightOz #spoonie
  • ❤ to see a PURPLE @artscentremelb spire for #May12 #Fibromyalgia #Awareness Day #LightUptheNightOz #spoonie
  • ❤ to see a PURPLE @VicParliament House for #May12 #Fibromyalgia #Awareness Day #LightUptheNightOz #spoonie
  • ❤ to see a PURPLE #royalexhibitionbuilding for #May12 #Fibromyalgia #Awareness Day #LightUptheNightOz #spoonie
  • @artscentremelb Niagara Falls will B PURPLE on May 12 AGAIN 4 #Fibromyalgia #Awareness: can we light up Spire pls? @Fibromodem #spoonie
  • @cityofmelbourne Niagara Falls will B PURPLE on May 12 AGAIN 4 #Fibromyalgia #Awareness: can we light up @artscentremelb Spire pls? #spoonie
  • @cityofmelbourne Turn @artscentremelb SPIRE PURPLE 4 International #Fibromyalgia Awareness Day #spoonie

OR visit their FB pages and leave a message like:

  • The Canadians are turning Niagara Falls PURPLE for May 12 – International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. Let’s light up the <insert building>

Let’s have fun with this and make this a May 12th to remember!
Int Fibro

♩♫ Lyric(a) Writing is an Interesting Process ♫♩

So Week 3 started today…my body aches just a little more each day, the fog is not lifting (which I really thought it would), and my face hurts beyond words.


It doesn’t help that I had to go to the dentist for a Crown preparation so last night was spent with some frozen vegetables attached to my cheek.

And I’ve hit exhaustion – I think I have over-loaded myself with the Thunderclap campaigning (nagging), blogging every day, reminding contributors for the next issue of LIVING WELL with FIBROMYALGIA, tweeting, my shop and my FB page – it’ll all quiet down after May 12th but right now, I keep getting anxious that I’ve forgotten something to do. spireI’m also trying to get ‘them’ to light a spire (that we have in Melbourne) in PURPLE for May 12th (looking forward to a night-time picnic with Thais (did I tell you she’s back?) under the spire – anyone else coming? You can help by emailing the appropriate people)

I’m also trying for Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House but I think I’ve left that one too late! (If you want to help with this one: tweet to @VividLive  Niagara Falls will B PURPLE from 10:15-10:30PM EST on May 12 for #Fibromyalgia Awareness: can we light up the Bridge & Opera House?

sydney opera house Sydney_Harbour_Bridge01

So I haven’t had a chance to FEEL anything. I just want to rest BUT I don’t feel I can as this is the lead-up to Awareness Day (I can rest afterwards, right?).

I try not to nap during the day (no matter how bad it gets) but today, I fell asleep for 4 hours.

My body just wants to stop – but, as you can see, I have no idea if it’s medication related or just life!