D-Ribose Availability

I had some requests about where to buy D-Ribose, so GOOGLE, here I come!

Firstly, the report I read stated (at the end) that Douglas Laboratories exclusively distributes Bioenergy’s Corvalen for professional use; Nutri-Health Supplements, LLC, sells Corvalen through direct-to-consumer channels; and Sedona Labs distributes Corvalen to the retail health food store market.

Then, I did my own search:

Better Health International sells Corvalen D-Ribose 9.9 oz (280 g) (containing Pure D-Ribose) for US $30.99 and Corvalen M 12 oz (340 g) (Containing Malate and Magnesium in addition to D-Ribose) for US $33.75.

Biovea Australia sells D-RIBOSE 1000mg 60 Fruit Chewable Tablets by Source Naturals® for AU $35.95.

iHERB.com has 25 different versions ranging from US $25.99 to US $49.08 – this also includes powder form

Amazon is selling NOW D-RIBOSE 100% PURE POWDER for US $20.00

The recommended dosage for us FM sufferers is 5 grams three times a day (this amount was suggested by Dr Teitelbaum).

If you’d like to see iHerb’s selection of D-Ribose products, click here. Use Coupon Code LHJ194 to get $10 off any first time order over $40 or $5 off any first time order under $40.

Please consult your doctor as to which brand/form is appropriate for your use, and to discuss side effects.