Looking HIGH for Some Pain Relief

With the article about 1 in 8 FM patients using marijuana, there has been a lot of talk about it’s use – legally and morally; but what if there were no ‘high’ associated with cannabinoid use for relief of pain? Without the suspicion that pain patients really want cannabis for ‘recreational’ purposes, would there be fewer stigmas? And would pharmacological research, drug development, prescribing practices, and patient relief forge ahead?

The Tikun Olam company in Israel, after years of cross-breeding, with no genetic engineering involved, have developed a strain of marijuana reported to be virtually free of the psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabinoid, and also very high in the anti-inflammatory CBD (cannabiodiol) cannabinoid.

So while the receptors in the pain and pleasure centres of the brain are not being stimulated (so you’re NOT getting high), those receptors will be responding to the anti-inflammatory CBD, or so it is proposed.

Reportedly it has already been tried with good results by a select group of patients to ease symptoms of chronic illness such as pain and nausea. These are people who have a physician’s prescription for medicinal cannabinoids and want symptom relief, but also want to stay functional if they can – so consider THC’s effects on the pleasure centres an unwanted side effect.

Dubbed “Avidekel,” the new strain has been tested on mice in the lab, and human clinical trials are expected in a few months, according to Professor Emeritus Ruth Gallily, PhD, a researcher specializing in study of inflammatory processes and anti-inflammatory cannabinoids at Hebrew University.

Is Avidekel the most promising high-CBD medical marijuana strain in the works today? But, FibroMAGICians, don’t hold your breath – there is still a lot of testing to be done before it reaches us!