Six Word Fridays: WAVE

six word fridaysThe Six Word Friday prompt this week is WAVE – (Wave hello. Or good-bye? Ride the wave ~ literally. Or figuratively. Heat wave. Wave the flag – white or any other color!)

The challenge with this kind of post? To keep each line I write to only SIX {6} WORDS!! (we don’t count the number of lines, syllables or letters…just the number of words!).

Examples have included:

  • Six word photo caption
  • A verse, each line composed of six words
  • A story, told six words at a time
  • A six word quote {or six words of a quote}
  • A wish {a musing, a lesson…anything at all!}


I used to be a lawyer.
I used to be a student.
I used to be a croupier.
I used to have boundless energy.
I was able to do anything.

Then an all-encompassing purple wave
took control of my life – FIBROMYALGIA!

Fibromyalgia has stolen my old life –
I am fighting to get it back!

purple wave