Good Intentions Gone Awry

I’m beginning to think that some-one whose thought processes are a tad jumbled shouldn’t have tried to run a competition. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea?

Firstly, I uploaded all my pages and links without thinking about it clearly – so I’ve now had to change them ALL! (even though I seem to have forgotten a couple, only to discover it later when something goes wrong!) Steep learning curve – but I’m open to a challenge!

Then, I had to email the entry participants and ask them to change their entry comments – sorry to you if you feel that I invaded your privacy by emailing you directly. Lucky that I only have 2 other entries!

Now, to that – there are ONLY 3 entries so far…and one of those is mine! Not quite what I had envisaged – I was being really optimistic and hoping to change the fibromyalgia world one video at a time…really quickly with a gallery of entries!

Not that the competition is over, or that I’m throwing in the towel – I have provided the Fibro Fighter Prize Package myself and I think it’s fabulous (valued at over $120) so I shall keep nagging you and trying to publicise the competition on FaceBook .

I don’t think what I am requiring you to do to WIN is difficult:

  • FOLLOW this blog – that’s me! This is a condition of entry – if you do not become one of my Followers (doesn’t that sound very feudal?), I cannot award you the Fibro Fighter Prize Package.
  • LIKE my FaceBook page – Another condition of entry – if you do not become one of my Followers, I cannot award you the Fibro Fighter Prize Package.
  • Make a video – this is the part that should excite you, inspire you and make you want to get involved. Isn’t your head full of things you want to say, things you want people to know? Then, start playing around on the computer…google how-to tutorials, experiment, involve your family – this part should be great! There is NO minimum or maximum length for your video.
  • Remember that the competition is about Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, so you MUST include a reference to the day – there is a theme to this competition so, TO WIN, you must include this reference. That probably means that you can’t submit a previously made video unless you edit it! It also means that if it is not there, I can’t award you the Fibro Fighter Prize Package.
  • Only LIKES on my Facebook page wall and LIKES on your own blog count towards the final result – so you MUST make sure that you let your supporters know. LIKES on YouTube will NOT count so tell your supporters where to go to LIKE you.

So, please allow your creative juices to flow – and I know there might be lots that you need to learn, but why not give it a try? Entries must be submitted by 20 April 2012 and  the winner will be announced on 1 May 2012 (in time for you to receive your prize and wear/use all the stuff for Fibromyalgia Day!)

Help me to sow my good intentions and leave it to the Internet as to whether fruit abounds…

NB: I know that this was not a very creative or humorous or educational post – but right now, my head is full of this competition. I spend my time flipping from my FB page to this Blog, to see if there are any LIKES or new videos – and I guess that’s good because it’s keeping me distracted, but you may already be bored with this crap…so I’ll try for something interesting tomorrow…