The Body Love Reflex

I’m in LOVE!!!

Her name is Amy – no! I haven’t turned – Amy is the student therapist who performed my reflexology treatment. I want her to spend every night with me – then she will be there in the morning to do amazing, mind-blowing things to my feet!

Remember I told you about the ‘reflexology massage’ (and I use that term loosely, now that I know the REAL thing) that I had at one of the little Asian places that have popped up in all shopping centres? Well, it was nothing like that.

I was taken into a warm, womb-like room – absolutely welcoming after the 11 degree temperature outside. Amy gave me a choice of a comfy chair or the practitioners’ bed. I hate those platform things so it was the chair for me. My socks came off and Amy wiped down my feet (not quite as nice as a Balinese foot-wash but still refreshing).

Then three deep breaths as Amy held pressure to my feet, and off we went. I expected to just lie back and relax because I had been feeling very fragile, with a headache that had been hanging on for four days and the decathlon-performance pain that we all know too well; but, instead, very slowly, I became energised and we talked about all the different nerve endings in my feet (did you know there are over 7000?) and what organs and other bits were affected when she touched different parts of my feet.

As a therapy, reflexology is not invasive – only the feet, and/or hands and ears are worked. It is deeply relaxing yet surprisingly energising – while I was lying back in my chair, I was thinking to myself ‘yeah, this is nice but that’s about it!’ You may feel you are being pampered during a reflexology session but do not underestimate the powerful effects this treatment can have on all of your body systems. After going back to reception, I suddenly realised that I felt great. There was still a dull ache in my left shoulder but my head didn’t hurt and I almost bounced back to Mommy’s house (about three blocks away).

I’m booked in Shiatsu tomorrow, reflexology next Wednesday and another Shiatsu on the Friday after. Like I said – I’m in love!

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