The Dance of Life

biodance (1)Biodance, more commonly known as biodanza, literally means the dance of life.

It is described in Wikipedia as “a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness. It seeks to promote the ability to make a holistic link to oneself, emotions and to express them. Biodanza also claims to allow one to deepen the bonds with others and nature and to express those feelings congenially.”

Biodanza was created in Chile in the 1960s and is now practiced in at least 30 countries.

343d9da3-f609-4f36-b258-d5dfcede22c9To analyse the effects of an aquatic biodance based therapy on sleep quality, anxiety, depression, pain and quality of life in FM patients, researchers assigned 59 patients to 2 groups: experimental group (aquatic biodance) and control group (stretching), for 12 weeks.

Significant differences in the experimental group were seen on sleep quality (49.7%), anxiety (14.1%), impact of fibromyalgia (18.3%), pain (27.9%), and tender points (34.4%).

This video discusses and demonstrates what Biodanza is all about.

In this next video, Biodanza is performed in the water.  Although the voice on the video is speaking Portuguese, you can still see what Aquatic Biodanza looks like even if you don’t understand Portuguese.

Anyone tried this one yet?

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